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Suggest ways to conserve mineral resources?

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By stoping people who mines and digs for minerals.

By using plastics than minerals like aluminum.

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What are the different ways to conserve mineral resources?

substitution and blending

Helps conserve nonrenewable resources?

There are many ways in which you can help conserve nonrenewable resources. You could conserve nonrenewable resources by not using them.

What are ways to conserve mineral resources?

wastage of minerals should be reduced .avoid the over exploitation of petroleum products.encourage the use of substitutes.There several ways to conserve mineral resources. This can be done through use of alternatives, avoiding wastage and making proper plans for the use of minerals among other things.

What are 3 ways to conserve non renewable resources?

Three ways to conserve non renewable resources would be to walk, bicycle and carpool. Also to conserve electricity.

What are the ways to conserve human resources?

by optimum utilisation of resources

List 6 ways to conserve your Natural Resources?

Six ways to conserve your natural resources would be to carpool, walk, bicycle, turn off lights, unplug appliances, and take short showers.

What are some ways to conserve water resources?

Ways to conserve water resources are :- 1) Building of dams over rivers or streams 2) Rain water harvesting 3) Avoiding wastage of drinking water

What are some ways you can conserve nonrenwable resources?

dont use as much, recycle

What are some ways to conserve natural resources?

Turn Forests intozoos, this way can save animals.

What are two ways people can conserve resources?

By using the resource less and letting it regenerate.Also letting it being able to conserve more energy that is if it is a energy resource

What is the order of the environmental 3R's used to indicate the best ways to conserve natural resources?

raw, resource

What can you do to conserve the mountains?

ways to conserve the mountains

What is one way zoos help conserve natural resources?

They breed species threatened in their native lands.

Ways to conserve plant and animal kingdom?

ways to conserve plant and animal kingdom

Why must you find ways to conserve water?

to conserve water

Why do we need to conserve the kakapo?

ways to help conserve the kakapo

What are ways of conserving the environment?

There are many ways that a person can conserve resources in order to help the environment. For instance, they might recycle, pick up trash where they find it, and limit their water usage.

How do you conserve various resources used in our school?

There are several ways to conserve various resources used in our schools. One way is the obvious one of turning off lights when not in use to conserve energy. Some schools offer several ways to recycle such things as soda cans, plastic bottles, and paper. A maintenance person can check the heating and cooling unit to make sure its working properly, which will ensure that it uses the least amount of energy.

What are some ways to conserve what are some ways to conserve energy that will help decrease global warming?

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How would I ensure that our natural resources are conserved?

There are essentially two ways in which a concerned citizen can act to conserve natural resources. You can be efficient in your personal use of resources, and you can support politicians who favor legislation that will make society as a whole more efficient in its use of resources.

How can technology help to conserve natural resources?

As we improve circuit designs, they shrink in size, requiring less material to manufacture and less energy to operate. As we switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy technology, those natural resources can be depleted at a much slower rate. As we improve agricultural practices we may discover ways to reduce field runoff and erosion. There are numerous ways technology can help conserve natural resources.

What are the ways to conserve flora and fauna?


What are 10 ways to conserve fuels?


Ways to conserve energy?

by solar power

Ways to conserve soil?

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