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Maintenance procedures for the aerial refueling system

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Q: TO 6A8-3-1 gives information about what system on the C-130?
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Which military aircraft came first C130 or the C141?


What does the C designation mean in C130 military plane?

Cargo, I think, a C130 is a cargo/transport plane

What is the difference between an EC130 and a C130?

An EC130 is a C130 but with lots of electronic upgrades, radars, radios, and frequency jammers.

Can a c130 land on an aircraft carrier?


What is bigger a c130 or a c17?


How much does a C130 Hercules cost?

62 million

How many fuel tank on C130 aircraft?


Who made the c130?

The C-130 is made by Lockheed.

What is The most tanks carried by an aircraft?

3 in a Hercules c130

When was the Lockheed C130 Hercules first used?

The Lockheed C130 Hercules is a four-engine turboprop aircraft that was used in the military. It was originally built by Lockheed and designed as a troop, medical evacuation, and cargo transport plane. The C130-B model was first designed and put into production in 1959.

How big a plane was the C130 Hercules?

The C130 Hercules was designed to be a military transport aircraft. Its dimensions originally were 12m in length, 2.7m in height and 3.0m in width. It is powered by four engines.

How much does a C 130 cost?

What the Price Of The C130 Warairplane in Ustados Unidos

The eals trailers fit within the space of C130 pallet positions?


How many c130 ever built?

There have been over 2,350 built so far.

What is fuel capacity of c130?

it can be up to 9350 gals, depending on the auxilliary tanks and setup

What aircraft flew operational missions out of tan son nhut air base?


How much fuel does a C130 hold?

This gives the C-130 a total usable fuelcapacity of approximately 9530 gallons. ...C-130H Hercules so it could take off and land almost like a helicopter

How many c130 aircraft have crash in history?

twice as many more than f-16

How do you cycle through the guns on the C130 on call of duty?

Press Triangle for ps3 or Y for the 360

What harley Davidson motorcycle part is used in C130 Hercules aircraft?

Airdrop release lever

How do you purchase c130?

to buy a C-130 you go to Carmody Ford in Greenwich, NY 12834

How many c130 raf have?

The RAF have approximately 30 Hercules. These are now being supplemented by the Airbus A400.

How much does a new lockeed c130 hercules aircraft cost?

A C-130J costs $62 million.

How fast does a C130 airplane fly?

A C130J flys at 417mph top speed and about 400mph at cruising speed

How do you cycle through the guns on the C130 in modern warfare 2?

on ps3: triangle; the regular weapon swap