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Because you've been on BC for 2 years then I would see your Doctor & have a Quantitative beta HCG blood test performed to determine if you're pregnant or not.

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On birth control is it possible to get your period while taking the active pills or does it only come when you take the inactive ones?

No you will not get your period while taking the active pills only the inactive pills. You may have spotting. If this is bothersome contact your doctor and they may give you another birth control pill that will work better for you.

Does lipofuze affect birth control?

I have been taking Lipofuze for 3 days, and i I have been taking Loestrin for about a year or two. I only take birth control to make my periods regular (I am not sexually active). On the third day of Lipofuze I had some spotting (which is about a week before my scheduled period)

Can you get pregnant when you are on your period and just starting birth control and are having vaginal bleeding or spotting?

After 7 pills in 7 days, most birth control pills are fully active.

Can you become pregnant by not taking the active birth control?

The active birth control pills are the ones that prevent pregnancy. If you don't take those pills, you could get pregnant.

Are these related if your gyno told you to take 2 pills a day for your last week of active bc because of spotting and now your period is really light and came two days before you start your new pack?

Yes this is caused by taking two pills a day. Instead of taking two pills a day, ask your GYNO to change your birth control to a higher doseage one and this should sort out the spotting.

What happens if you take birth control pills out of sequence?

There is no harm in taking the birth control pills out of sequence as long as you were not taking placebos (sugar pills) when you should have been taking active pills.

Brown spotting during beginning of period?

on a new pack of birth control pills missed first active pill next day doctor said take 2 so I did July 7 was the non active hormone pill for my period I did not get my period instead I am spotting brown blood what does that mean?

In what order do you take birth control pills and which color do you take first?

Hello - You start taking birth control pills on the last day of your period. You will have seven pills which are a different colour from the other pills. The seven different coloured pills are the "non- active or sugar pills" which you start taking after you have finished taking the active pills. The active pills are the 28+ different coloured pills from the non active ones.

If you skip the sugar pills in your birth control pack when will you get your period the following month?

Ideally, your withdrawal bleeding will happen when you take the placebos next, but some women will have unscheduled bleeding or spotting after skipping a period by taking active pills continuously. It's a bit unpredictable.

What day does your period begin while taking birth control is it once you stop taking the active pills or does it begin when you finish the entire pack including the inactive pills?

The first day of your period will start once you stop taking the active pills.

Can you get pregnant if you switched from taking the shot to birth control pills but no longer take the birth control pills?

If you were on the shot but you switched to taking birth control pills, but you do not take the birth control pills anymore, you have a high chance of pregnancy if you have been having unprotected intercourse. All the active hormones from the birth control will have little or no effect after 3 days of not taking birth control.

Do you need to take birth control if I am going to be sexually active?

No. There is no correlation whatsoever between me taking birth control and you doing whatever it is you consider doing.

Will active charcoal interfere with birth control pills?

Possibly, active charcoal can absorb various substances. Taking them 8 hours a part might reduce the chance of interactions.

If you just started taking birth control on a random day and is time your my menstrual cycle do you stop taking the active pills even if it your not at the inactive pills yet?

No you dont stop!!!!!

Does taking the One A Day Active Energy Enhancing Multivitamin effect your birth control?

it shouldn't- this is a vitamin and does not effect your reproductive organs

If you take one of the white reminder pills of your birth control pills when you were suppose to be taking your active pills is it okay to go back to taking the active pills and then go back to the re?

There are about 12 different kinds of birth control pills. if you missed one you should immediately start using an alternate form of birth control and call your obgyn/clinic and ask the doctor/nurse about what to do.

Spotting after 4weeks pregnant did i have misscarage?

Spotting during pregnancy can occur about the time you would usually have a period. However, with a miscarriage there is more active bleeding and tissue is passed with abdominal cramping. Just spotting does not indicate a miscarriage.

Can you get spotting before a period?

Yes you can. Stress is often a part of it, if you are on the birth control pill/patch, or, it can be simply hormones. If you haven't been sexually active and suddenly become so this too can put your periods out of whack.

What are the last 7 pills for birth control for?

The last seven pills in the birth control pack are to keep you in the habit of taking pills. Some contain vitamins, but most contain no active ingredients.

What prevents active transport taking place?

anything which interferes with respiration, e.g. lack of oxygen or glucose, prevents active transport from taking place.

I had a 3 day weird period and today a day later i started spotting..its brown...could this b implantation bleeding?

Sometimes if you are on birth control, your periods may be irregular. If you are not on birth control, you are sexually active and still have your period, than you should be fine.

What does it mean if you get a long and painful period while taking active birth control pills and were recently on penicillin?

Taking any antibiotics can make your pills ineffective. You should always use alternative birth control while on antibiotics (and through your next full cycle).

Can you delay cycle by taking birth control pills?

Yes, skip the 7 inactive pills and go straight to the next packet of pills, the day after taking the last active pill, in packet 1.

Could you be pregnant if you rescheduled your menstrual cycle purposely and now you are experiencing cramping and spotting?

Hi, If you rescheduled your menstrual cycle by taking active birth control pills and you didn't miss any, then there is no chance of pregnancy. The bleeding you're experiencing is most likely caused by skipping your period and its your bodys way of making it up. This does happen when you purposely alter your cycle.

You have been taking the low dose birth control pill for 8 months and you have had regular periods the whole time do you have a better chance of getting preg right away after you stop taking the pill?

Yes, you do have a chance of becoming pregnant once you stop taking your birth control because it typically takes 3 days for all of the active ingredients in your birth control to exit your system.