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Change your thermostat.

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2009-12-29 16:32:23
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Q: Temp gauge not going up like it use to on 2000 kia sportage?
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Where is the temperature gauge on a 2008 kia sportage?

The 2008 Kia Sportage's temp gauge is located on the instrument cluster but is unlit. It illuminates momentarily when you turn the ignition switch on.

What should the temp gauge read on a V6 2000 dodge Dakota 4X4?

Aroun the middle of the gauge, 195-210

How do you tell if car is overheating in a 2000 explorer?

Commonly check the temp gauge on the dash.

Where is the temp gauge on 2000 Honda accord 3.0 v?

Right there in front of you on the dash.

Why is my temp gauge going to red when my car isn't overheating?

It's broken

Why doesn't my RPM gauge and temp gauge work?

why doesn't my rpm gauge and temp gauge, fuel gauge not work

2000 dodge neon Speed o and temp gauge dont work?

i have sort of the same problem on my dodge 2000 the temperature gauge recently went out and i replaced the sensor but the gauge always reads 0 your not alone with this one...

How do you fix a temp gauge on a 1998 ford contour?

temp gauge is stuck on hot

Prelude temp gauge?

1996 prelude temperature gauge reads low temp

Why is the temperature gauge not working on my n13 I have replaced the cluster unit still the temp gauge doesnt work.I have replaced the thermostst and the sender unit...?

that is rather unusual i would ask the dealership you brought it from and ask them and then go from there. Some vehicles have two temp sending units, one for the temp gauge and one for the ecm. The one for the gauge generally has one wire going to it, the one for the ecm may have two wires going to it.

What would cause the temp gauge on a 2000 Nissan Altima to raise to hot and car is not overheating gauge just moves up and down and the fan comes on?

A faulty thermostat might cause the temp gauge on the 2000 Nissan Altima to raise to hot when the car is not overheating. A faulty thermostat can cause the gauge to move up and down and might even turn the fan on.

Why my Water temperature gauge doesn't work on 95 explorer?

only 3 reasons a temp gauge wont work the temp sender is bad the gauge is bad or the wire from temp sender to gauge is broken

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