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Ten weeks late three neg tests bloating sore breasts tired am I pregnant?

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You could be pregnant. You should go to the Doctor and receive a pregnant test.

2006-08-16 00:25:25
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You missed two periods and having stomach pains but took three pregnancy tests and are negative.?

You can be sure that you are not pregnant as all three tests were negative.

You have missed three periods your breasts are sore you have symptoms of pregnancy but the tests say you ma not pregnantits been 12 weeks now you are confused pls help?

You need to see a doctor and not rely on at-home tests. If you are pregnant, a proper medical test will reveal it. If you are not, you need to find out what's going on.

If you take 3 pregnancy tests that say positive after your a week late and three days later you get your period were you pregnant?

...NO! you do not have a period if you are pregnant

Should one's breasts be heavy and feel big at three months pregnant?

It's possible your breasts to feel big and heavy, but not all womens breats get that way.

I have had three Positive Urine Pregnancy Tests. Could this mean I am truly pregnant?

yes it could

Can you have three positive pregnancy tests and not be pregnant?

It's highly unlikely. Home pregnancy tests are more prone to false negatives than false positives.

If your breasts hurt and youve been feeling tired and sick three weeks after sex could you be pregnant?

Yes depending on when you ovulated

If three pregnancy tests come out negative and you have had a normal period for the last two months but you noticed your breasts leaking could you still be pregnant?

Breast leaking in pregnancy usually doesn't occur until at least 5 months pregnant. I would say you are safe on the pregnancy part but I'd go to the gyno if you are leaking, and have not recently had a child.

Could you be pregnant if you have had headaches and bloating for the last three to four days and have also been having unprotected sex with your partner and it's two weeks before your scheduled period?

You only get pregnant two weeks before a period so I doubt you are pregnant, the bloating and headaches may be from something you ate, have you been on a Chinese food jag? Alternatively, was your last period very light and short? If so it may have been an implantation bleed and you may be pregnant.

You have had swollen and tender breasts for three months with very visible blue and red veins and have had discomfort in your abdomen pregnancy tests all negative period stopped what could it be?

You've had swollen and tender breasts for three months with very visible blue and red veins? Why have you not seen a doctor about it?

If you have missed your period for three months have sore breasts ALL the time and have cramps only sometimes could you be pregnant even if you're only twelve and have NOT had sex?

If you didnt have sex then no you cant be pregnant

Could you be pregnant after 3 home pregnancy tests were positive after reading results at 3 minutes?

yes if three came up that quick you are pregnant...congrats and God Bless...

What should you do if three home tests say you are not pregnant but you have a the signs?

go to a doctor and find out for sure. though if 3 tests came out negative it may be some thing else that is causing the signs.

Is it normal to have three breasts?


You have taken three pregnancy tests all are positive one day before period due and on day of period no period?

Congrats! If it is CLEAR positive on the tests it's pretty much certain that you are pregnant!

If three out of six EPT results are positive is it likely you are pregnant?

If 3 tests out of six say you are pregnant then you are pregnant. You can get a false positive but not three out of six. Also, if you are taking birth control, check with your doctor because some (not all) birth controls have the pregnancy hormone in them which can cause a false poitive.

You don't start your period for another week and your breasts are sore you had a positive test then took three after that and they were negative do you stil have a chance of being pregnant?

you may have a chance of being pregnant but you may have had a miscarage but in my case i had pregnancy symptoms and i did 8 tests some positive and some negative and in the end my doctor and i think i had a miscarge but couldn't be 100% sure because i came on but i came on with a very sharp pain.

How much to wait after a miscarriage before getting pregnant again?

You should wait for at least three months before getting pregnant again. Your doctor will do some tests to prevent further miscarriages.

Can you be pregnant if a guy stuck his penis in you for a second and three weeks later took two pregnancy tests and both came back negative?

Pregnancy is highly unlikey, but home tests are never 100% reliable.

Is it possible to have three breasts?

._. affirmative.

Can you be 3 weeks pregnant and get a negative urine test result?

Those tests are not perfect, and three weeks is the beginning cutoff point at which the tests start working. It's still possible, though unlikely, that you're pregnant, but if you really feel like your body is telling you it's pregnant, you should consider testing again in another 5 days.

How early in the pregnancy does discharge appear?

I have 2 kids and think I am about 3-4 weeks pregnant I have had the sore nipples and the bloating as well. Every time I had concieved I knew right away and all three times I had this creamy milky white discharge and it came at about 3 weeks pregnant.

Can i be pregnant i have sore yellow discharge from breasts late perion 15 days 3 negative HP tests?

those three tests cold be false depending when you took them if you took them afer your expected period that they should be fairly accurate and maybe these symptoms are ini your head or you may have other things wrong with you, if you are able to talk to a medical professional try a blood test and posibly if you can bet a scan that will show you the truth

You took 3 pregnancy test all were positive are you pregnant?

If you took three tests and they were all positive, YES!! I think you can rule out a malfunctioning test when three tell you the same thing. Congratulations!!

Can you be pregnant if you have what seems to be three normal periods and have taken three pregnancy tests and they are all negative and have had unprotected sex?

you can be, however it is not likely. Go to the doctor!! that's the only way to know for sure.