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The 1993 Grand Prix Brakes Grind all the time what can be done and what do you need to fix the problem?


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Ok...first off, describe the grinding. Is it a grinding like metal to metal, or is it a squeaking like the pads are worn out? If it's the squeak, when the pads were replaced, did you coat the pads with an anti-squeak lube? This could be the problem. If not and it a metal to metal grind, check the pad location, are they installed correctly? Do you see rubbing marks on the rotors? Final question is what type of pads are they?

There are different types of pads on the market, one is a cheap organic type, the other is a semi-metallic, and finally a ceramic type. The organic type is cheap and causes a lot of brake dust, but you shouldn't get any kind of noise until the pads are around 2/32 in. Then the early warning tabs will be rubbing against the rotors giving you a squeaking noise.

The semi-metallic pads last longer then organic pads, due to the small pieces of metal encased within the organic material. They give off minimal dust, but because of the metal in the pads, tend to also squeak if when there installed don't have a anti-squeak lube coated on the back side of the pads (the side facing the calipers).

The ceramic pad give off little to no dust, but because of the composite material used in the production of the pads, they need to be installed like the semi-metallic pad and have a coating of anti-squeak lube.


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