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the Soviet blockade of West Berlin

airlift in 1948 that supplied food and fuel to citizens of west Berlin when the Russians closed off land access to Berlin.

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Q: The Berlin Airlift was a reaction to what?
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The Berlin airlift was US reaction to?

The Berlin Airlift was in reaction to the Berlin Blockade. The United States and allies delivered supplies to West Berlin.

What was Joseph Stalin's reaction to the Berlin airlift?

his reaction was aids

What was American's reaction to the Berlin Wall?

We flew over it during the Berlin Airlift.

What countries were involved in the Berlin Airlift?

West Berlin ,Britain, and the United States were involved in the Berlin Airlift.

What was NATO's role in the Berlin airlift?

Not so much NATO's role in the Berlin Airlift, but the Berlin Airlift in the role of the forming of NATO is more important.

Who won the Berlin airlift?

USA won the Berlin Airlift

What did the Berlin airlift demonstrate?

The Berlin Airlift demonstrated that the Allied powers would prevail.

The result of the Berlin Blockade in 1948 was that?

The Berlin Airlift

What was the Allied response to the Berlin Blockade?

the Berlin airlift

What best describe the importance of the Berlin airlift?

The Berlin Airlift took place from 1948-1949. It was in response to the Berlin Blockade imposed by the USSR on Germany. The Berlin Airlift was important in breaking the stranglehold of the Russians on the West Berliners.

When did the Berlin airlift start?

The Berlin Airlift started in June 1948, the same year that the Berlin Blockade was established. And it ended in May 1949.

What is the population of Berlin during the Berlin Airlift-Blockade?

The population of West Berlin at the time of the blockade and airlift (1948-49) was about 2 million.

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