The Greeks believed in many gods and goddesses who controlled what?

There are many Greek gods and goddesses. The ones listed here are just some of the more popular ones.
Zeus- The sky, Ruler of all Gods
Poseidon- brother to Zeus ruled the oceans, horses and earthquakes.
Hades - brother to Zeus god of the underworld
Hera- wife and sister to Zeus queen of the gods ruled marriages
Demeter- sister to Zeus goddess of the harvest
Hestia - sister to Zeus goddess of the home
Aphrodite- goddess of love
Hephaestus- god of blacksmiths
Ares - war god
Hermes - messenger of the gods god of travelers
Dionysus- god of wine
Athena- war goddess, (more war strategy) goddess of wisdom
Apollo- god of music, archery, and the sun
Artemis- goddess of the moon archery warrior goddess