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political control

lol just got the 100% on the test and that question was correct :)

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Culture maybe?

Wrong. The correct answer is politics.

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Q: The Scramble for Africa really began due to European?
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Scramble for Africa really began due to European?

The scramble for Africa occured during the height of the European Imperealism. Not only did the untapped resources of the continenent offer gold, diamonds and oil ( and more) as well as the possibilty of colonisation, it also meant more influence and prestrige for that country. Britain and France took the largest portions of lands, followed by Holland, Beligium and other smaller European nations. Germany, established in 1871, gained few colonial possessions in Africa, and as a result held little sway in global affairs. Another reason for the scramble was the belief that the nations of Europe were duty bound to spread Western Civilisation throughout the world. Of course the British are the best

Site of a European conference that drew boundary lines to divide up the continent of Africa?

The city of Berlin, Germany was the site of the Berlin Conference from November, 1884 to February, 1885, during which European countries negotiated colonial boundaries and trade during the "Scramble for Africa" (New Imperialism) that began around 1880.

Which European country began trading with west Africa in the 1400s?


When did the first European trade settlements begin to appear in Africa?

Portugal began to establish trading posts in Africa in the early 1400s.

What was the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the New Global Age and other forces that were shaping Africa in 1880?

During this period of time, industrialized powers such as Great Britain, France, Germany etc. all vied for dominance. Industrialization was the fuel for imperialism. In order to sustain industrialization, vast amounts of resources were needed. Where did many of these resources come from? Africa. Thus the "Scramble for Africa" began. In the Berlin Conference essentially Africa was divided up among the European powers for its resources.

Where did European Explorers first used gunpowder to take enslaved captives?

European explorers began to use gunpowder in order to take slaves captive. This was first done on the continent of Africa.

Which European country explored the west coast of Africa began trading African slaves and eventually developed a trade route to India by sailling around Africa's southern tip?


What is the date of the European colonization of Kenya?

The first arrival of Europeans in Kenya was 1498, by the Portuguese. Permanent settlement by Europeans began with the Berlin Conference in 1885, which subdivided East Africa among the European colonialists.

How did colonialists manage to colonize the Africa continent?

European countries sent explorers to claim land in the continent. Citizens from these countries then began settling in these colonies.

How did black people get to the US from Africa?

The European explorers traveled to Africa, where they began a trans-Atlantic slave trade that would bring millions of Africans to the America. Slavery lasted in the U.S. until 1865.

How did the black people come to america?

The European explorers traveled to Africa, where they began a trans-Atlantic slave trade that would bring millions of Africans to the America.

Summerize the indapendence movements thst took place in india africa and china?

Beginning the late 19th century people in European colonies in India, Africa and China began to bristle at outside rule. They fought hard for their independence.