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The US had trouble trusting the Soviet Union after World War 2 because of?


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The Soviet Union, after WW II, was a ruthless totalitarian state which had taken advantage of its military position after the war, in which its armies had been sent far into Europe in order to fight the Third Reich, to take over all of eastern Europe and to install puppet regimes that were supported by the Soviet military. The USSR actually announced its intention to convert the entire world to communism (in a famous statement made by Nikita Kruschev at the UN, who said of the western world, "we will bury you!"). The Soviet Union was paranoid, dishonest, and generally untrustworthy.

Yes, given the above is correct, & I am not disagreeing with it, it does seem to fly in the face of Roosevelts (Arguable) lack of support for Churchill in discussion with Stalin & others....

I also am not disagreeing but in simple terms;The United States had trouble trusting the Soviet Union after World War II because of?

(The Soviet expansion).