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The element is sodium. Sodium atoms have a low electron affinity and will replace hydrogen atoms when placed into water. The reaction of sodium and water produces hydrogen gas that is ignited by the heat of the reaction. It should be noted that almost any element in the alkali and alkaline-earth groups will replaced hydrogen in water.

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What is the name of the element that has low electron affinity and will replace hydrogen atoms when placed into water?


Which element can be substituted for hydrogen in organic compounds?

The element of hydrogen is one of the most widely seen and used in the world. If you are creating organic compounds and need to replace hydrogen you should use fluorine.

What is the products of sulphuric acid plus silver?

There is no reaction. Silver is less reactive than hydrogen, so it cannot replace the hydrogen in sulfuric acid. Ag(s) + H2SO4(aq) --> no reactionA reactivity series is used to determine the reactivity of an element (mostly metals). Any element above another element can replace any element below it in the list.

An element in the activity series can replace any element?

An element in the activity series can replace any element below it on the list. The ability of an element to react is referred to as the element's activity.

What element can chlorine be substituted in for in organic compounds?

Typically it will replace hydrogen. A good example would be ethene's conversion to dichloroethene. The formula goes from C2H4 to C2H2Cl2.

Will cu replace H from H2SO4?

No. Copper will not replace hydrogen in sulfuric acid because it is less reactive than hydrogen.

What gas is used in airships instead of hydrogen?

Helium has replace hydrogen in airships

Can you replace liquid propane with hydrogen?

Neither the carbon, nor the oxygen atoms nor the hydrogenatoms match. ... If you are in any doubt, you could temporarily replace the group with a neutral letter such as X (which is not the symbol of a chemical element). Once the equation is ... Propane burns in oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and steam (water vapour):

Why are claims that nuclear fusion occurs at room temperature unrealistic?

Actually room temperature nuclear fusion has been verified by reputable scientists, but it only works with muonic-hydrogen. This is hydrogen with its electron replaced by a muon, a particle identical to the electron except that it weighs 200 times as much. Because of the extra mass the muon orbits the proton much closer than the electron does. This allows muonic-hydrogen nuclei to collide and fuse at room temperature. However it takes far more energy to make the muons and replace them for the electrons than can be obtained from the fusion.

How do you fix the lighter in a 98 firebird?

Replace Fuse Replace socket Replace element

An element in the activity series can replace any element in its group?


What element can replace sodium?

there is none sodium is its own element SORRY!!:-(

What are four metals that will not replace hydrogen in an acid?

Any of the transition metals will not replace hydrogen in an acid. Four of these metals are Cu, Au, Ag, Fe.

Can hydrogen peroxide replace alcohol?

No, hydrogen peroxide and alcohol are two very different substances.

What what will replace hydrogen atoms when placed in water?


Why metals replace hydrogen from acids while as non metals don't?

It has to do with the ease with which an element is oxidized. Hydrogen is one of the most easily oxidized of all nonmetals and so is not easily replaced by one in an acid. Nonmetals tend to be reduced rather than oxidized. By contrast, most metals are mor easily oxidized than hydrogen.

An element in the activity series can replace any element in?

Below it on the list on the periodic table

What must an element be in order to replace another element in a compound?

more active

How do you fix the cigarette lighter if the fuse is not blown?

If you are getting power in the socket--replace heating element If you are getting power to the socket, but not through it--replace socket and element

Non-metal do not replace hydrogen from acid why?

because metal contain positive ions and hydrogen too



In what kind of reaction does one element replace a similar element in a compound?

Single-replacement reaction

Can a heating element can be fix whit out replace?

no because an heating elementcan cause electric shock.

Why metals replace hydrogen from acid but non metals do not?

This is because metals have positive ions and so does hydrogen. Hence the nature of their reactivity is same but the value of reactivity is different. Therefore metals replace hydrogen in a reaction while non metals dont...

What element can fluorine replace in organic compounds?


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