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1. Gettysburg. I just took the test and that was the answer. 2. Gettysburg confirmed. It's on page 209, 2nd paragraph, 1st line in the book for Penn Foster Students. Question 20, Examination Lesson 2 Some would say Gettysburg but in the overall scheme of things Gettysburg was more of a morale victory than a military one. While it was a major defeat of Lee's Army of Northern Virginia the ANV remained an effective force in the theater for almost two more years and came close on several occaisons to inflicting heavy defeats on the Federals forces under Ulysses S. Grant during the Overland Campaign so Gettysburg, while being a big and important battle, wasn't all that decisive. The seige of Vicksburg on the other hand brought the Mississippi River firmly under Federal control and split the South in two. It allowed the far more numerically superior Federal forces to travel with greater ease through the Western heartland of the South and, perhaps more importantly, it brought Ulysses S. Grant to a higher level of recognition within the Northen States and the Federal Government. Grant's later victory at Chattanoga would just reinforce the idea that the fall of Vicksburg brought - that Grant was the man who could win the war.

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Q: The battle that proved to be the turning point of the civil war was the battle of?
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