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Here is a description of the factory dash board stereo connectors for a four speaker 1995 Ford Ranger. A 1997 shouldn't be too different. I hope it helps: Ford Wiring Harness Speaker Connector (Black) Color / Stripe 1.) Orange / Red = Right Rear Speaker Feed (+) 2.) Brown / Pink = Right Rear Speaker Ground (-) 3.) Dark Green / Orange = Right Front Speaker Ground (-) 4.) White / Light Green = Right Front Speaker Feed (+) 5.) Grey / Light Blue = Left Rear Speaker Feed (+) 6.) Tan / Yellow = Left Rear Speaker Ground (-) 7.) Light Blue / White = Left Front Speaker Ground (-) 8.) Orange / Light Green = Left Front Speaker Feed (+) Ford Wiring Harness Stereo Connector (Grey) Color / Stripe 1.) Dark Blue = Mute (Optional) 2.) ------------ = No Wire 3.) Black / Light Green = Radio Ground (-) 4.) ------------ = No Wire 5.) Light Blue / Red = Panel Illumination (Dimmer) 6.) Yellow / Black = Radio Power Feed (Ignition/Switched)(12V+) 7.) Black = Vehicle Chassis Ground (-) 8.) Light Green / Purple = Memory Feed (constant power)(12V+)

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Q: The color code or wiring Diagram for a 1995 Ford Ranger Xl 6 disc changer stereo system?
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