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They either need to be adjusted or they were not properly reassembled. See the related article for adjusting and changing this brake.

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How do you replace the Front hub assembly on 2003 Ford Explorer?

There is a complete walk through with pictures on how to change the front bearings on a 2003 Ford Explorer on my site:

How difficult is changing the plugs in a 98 explorer with the 4.0?

it is not to bad on the back 2 plugs it is easiest to go through the wheel weld with an extention and socket

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Poulan 2150 chainsaw just stopped running and I can't get it started again?

Try changing your fuel filter/lines. It could have had sucked something into the lines and cannot get any more fuel through.

How do you change a taillight on a 1992 ford explorer?

Changing a taillight on 1992 ExplorerGo to at this website you can type in the year make model of car and get a Adobe owners manual. The owners manual has a section on maintenance that walks you through changing interior and exterior lights including the taillights. Good luck. unfortunately, the web site will not allow you to enter 1992 as a model year.

When may you use hazard warning lights when driving?

Hazard lights may only be used during an emergency where the vehicle requires to be stopped in places it should not normally be stopped, such as a highway. People mistakenly used hazard lights when driving through heavy storms as another form to ensure visibility and is not recommended.

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i want to open drive through explorer ?

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Your explorer slips in 1st and reverse?

There is a tech. bulletin from ford on this, it recommends changing the solenoid pack. Of course the case bores where the servo pins go through wear and usually have to be "re-bushed" after about 80,000 miles.

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Do 22 inch rims fit a 2002 through 2007 Ford Explorer?

Most 22 in rims should fit an Explorer

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Where do you put transmission fluid in a 1993 explorer?

Through the dipstick tube

Does antifreeze run through the ac condenser in a 2006 Ford explorer?


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