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Q: The emission of colored light rays by a substance during exposure to ultraviolet light?
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A dark colored pigment that protects from the ultraviolet light is called?

Pigment that protects from the ultraviolet light is called melanin. This is science.

What is the colored substance on skin caused by sunburns?

I think its a tan A sunburn is radiation burned skin damaged by too much ultraviolet radiation from the sun. The skin turns red and becomes painful too touch. A more gradual exposure to the sun or the use of sunscreen allows the skin to start manufacturing melanin which protects the skin from sunburn The melanin make the skin darken to what we refer to as a suntan.

What is the emission of colored light rays during exposure to ulraviolet light?

Fluorescence. It happens when atoms' electrons absorb light at one frequency and emit at other (usually lower) frequencies. Sometimes two photons are absorbed by the same electron, and emitted as a single higher frequency, but this is not common.

What creates melanin?

Melanin is a pigment that can be found pretty much anywhere except in spiders. So most animals with pigmentation create melanin in their bodies.

A colored substance that helps to keep that skin from burning is?


Why does colored sugar float in water?

any substance (colored or not) with a density less than 1 will float on water

What is inside the cricket leather ball?

cork" A black colored substance"

How would you measure the pH of a colored substance?

with a PH measuring device

What is the orange substance that surrounds muenster cheese?

The rind is colored with annatto

A colored substance that helps to keep the skin from burning is called what?


What do Each of the colored lines in hydrogen's emission spectrum corresponds with?

transition of an electron from a higher energy level to a lower energy level.

What is chlorphyll?

A light absorbing pigment or colored substance that traps the energy in sunlight