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The first official day called Inauguration Day?

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Usually Inauguration Day is celebrated in Washington D.C. Though, the first inauguration for George Washington was held in New York, these days we celebrate Inauguration day in Washington D.C.

well because that's the official day the president elect becomes president

The first day of autumn is called the autumnal equinox.

I think the president becomes official at NOON the day of inauguration, whether he takes the oath or not.

the warmest inauguration day has not happened yet the warmest inauguration day has not happened yet

Usually Inauguration Day is celebrated on January 20th. If it falls on a Sunday the inauguration will be on Saturday and then will be shown on the following Monday. This is when Inauguration Day is celebrated.

The first inauguration was on April 30, 1798 and it was for George Washington. It was held in New York City, New York.

Ronald Reagan's inauguration was the coldest inauguration day on record. The temperature was 7°F.

She read a poem that she wrote specially for the inauguration. It was called Praise Song for the Day.

a morning shower YEP that what happens

Yes, Inauguration Day is not a National Holiday.

The official first day of spring in 2008 is March 20th.

On inaugaration day 2009, Barack Obama, The first black president sworn in.

Abraham Lincoln's first inauguration was on March 4, 1861, and his second inauguration was on March 4, 1865.

To walk with the president and go to all the Balls with him.

The presidential inauguration is in the state capitol Washington D.C.

The Presidential Inauguration Day is held on January 20. The term of the president officially starts at noon on that day.

You must be 35 by inauguration day, in order to take office.

It has not happened yet, January 20th 2009 is the official U.S. president inauguration day and it has been January 20th since Franklin D. Roosevelt's second inauguration in 1938, which changed the date from March 4. That's a Tuesday. Starts at 12:00 PM with Vice Pres. inauguration first, then Pres. before noon The inaugural ceremony takes place on January 20, 2009.

The next Inauguration Day will be January 20, 2009. hat is the day when the new president is sworn in.

The last March Inauguration Day was in 1933 for Franklin D. Roosevelt's first term. With the passage of the 20th Amendment, Inauguration Day was moved up to January 20.

Yes, it is closed on inauguration day (Jan 19th, 2009) because it is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

Until 1937, Inauguration Day was March 4th. Frank D Roosevelt being the incoming President. Since then, Inauguration Day has occurred on January 20th. In being sworn in for a second term, Roosevelt was also the first to be inaugurated in January.

By the US Constitution as amended, Inauguration Day is 20 January every four years.