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What provides basic energy for the body?

Carbohydrates like sugar, bread, and fiber. Fat also provides energy but I would not consider it to be basic.

What molecule provides energy to perform life functions?

Glucose is the basic molecule that provides energy.

Why does your body need glucose?

Glucose is basic source of energy for body .During respiration it yields ATP which is energy currency of cell .It also provides structural material to cells .

What is the most basic function of energy?

It provides matter with the ability to move.

Which of the following is the most basic function of energy?

It provides matter with the ability to move.

Which layer in the soil provides the basic material that forms soil?

Top soil because it gives all other layers material and organics.

Tell more about death?

Death comes first, then birth follows; not the other way around. Basically human beings are a composite of energies -(a) material energy like earth, water, fire and air, the four basic elements that exist in everything in this cosmo or universe -(b) mental energy, the spiritual or consciousness or soul energy, the basic energy that exist in all living things. You and I are born with the composite of these basic material energy and mental energy. While the material energy multiple as we grow, the mental energy evolves to higher or lower quality, depending how you treat life. When we die, the material energy evaporates and return to the original four basic elements while the mental energy will seek re-birth to another composite of material energy.

Why is photosynthesis important for animals?

Provides the basic energy source of all life on earth.

Why is photsynthesis important to humans and animals?

It provides basic energy source and life on Earth

Why iron and steel industry are known as basic industry?

iron and steel industry is a basic industry becauseit provides raw material for numerous other industries.

What is the basic material of life?

cell is the basic material of life

What are the main uses of nutrients in the body?

figure it out yourself. (Wow who ever wrote that is smart -_-) it provides energy used for basic repairs basic functions of body

Food provides which two necessities for living things?

The basic necessities are energy to body organs and blood formation.

What was the basic Sumerian building material?

The basic Sumerian building material was brick and wood.

How does a windmill createes mechanic energy?

A windmill doesn't creat mechanic energy. The wind provides this energy and the windmill converts it to electrical energy with the use of a generator, that rotates within a big magnets. This induces a current according to the basic laws of electromagnetics.

Basic form of energy?

The most basic source and form of energy is from the sun, solar energy.

What is the majority of the energy in our universe?

Something called "dark energy" which provides almost 70% of the total energy in the observable universe and is causing the expansion of the universe to accelerate (instead of decelerate as expected in the basic big bang model of the universe).

The Basic SI unit of energy is the?

The Basic SI unit of energy is the Joule

What is the name for the basic material needed to make soil?

Parent Material

What is a raw material in biology?

The most basic material a product is made from

Why is the basic landmark sol important?

Sol gives us nearly all of our energy and provides a stable orbit. Some say it has helped evolution as well.

What is the basic material of matter?


Which material use in glass line reactor?

which material used in glassline reactors? What is glassline material ? Basic

The basic raw material needed by plants for photosynthesis is?

The basic raw materials needed by plants for photosynthesis are water and carbon dioxide. With these two ingredients, autotrophs are able to convert the sun's energy into food for the plant.

What are the two basic kind of energy?

The two basic kind s of energy are kinetic and potential. Forms of energy that come in the basic types of energy include heat, liquid, light, motion, and sound.