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The interior light do not work on a 1997 Dodge Neon what could be the problem?


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2007-10-15 09:28:37
2007-10-15 09:28:37

The Gauges and Dash Lights have a fuse called "Illum / Guages". The fusebox located by the driver door should contain the fuse. If you look at the back of the cover of the fuse box it will tell you what fuse to check.

The Dome Light (the light on the roof) has a fuse inside the engine fusebox.


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The only light that could come on would be the check engine light.

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You need to have the system checked for codes to know what the problem could be.

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One of the door switches could be stuck. Or the interior light switch could be going bad. See if the open door light is staying on, of if the interior light switch seems stuck or loose.

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The air bag system has a problem that could result in a serious safety problem. Have the computer system scanned and repair the problem

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