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They are determined by the surface of which the air mass was formed


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An air mass takes on the characteristics of the region over which it forms.

The characteristics that describe an air mass is temperature and humidity, since those characteristics are most common and are used to determine the area of origin of the air mass.

A cold air mass is a mass of air that has colder characteristics than the surrounding air.

an warm air mass takes on the characteristics of the region over witch it forms.

The temperature and moisture characteristics of an air mass depend on the source region. Masses of air take on the characteristics of the surface it is over.

It depends on the characteristics of the land surface that determines the characteristics the air mass(s) will take on.

The characteristics of air pressure are space, mass, compress-ability, and components

Air mass is classified by temperature and humidity

The temperature and moisture characteristics are uniform in the same air mass.

temperature and pressure

A cP (continental polar) air mass is generally cool and dry.

Air masses are described by two basic characteristics. Temperature and moisture, or humidity, are the main characteristics that define an air mass.

The thing that governs the temperature and humidity of an air mass is all dependent upon where it forms; the air mass will maintain the characteristics of where it formed.

A front marks the boundary between air masses with different characteristics.

The surface over which the air mass was formed....

Air mass modification: Air masses do not stay in one place indefinitely. Eventually, they move, transfering thermal energy from one area to another. When an air mass travels over land or water that has characteristics different from those of its source region, the air mass can acquire some of the characteristics of that land or water. When this happens, the air mass undergoes modification, it exchanges thermal energy and/or moisture with the surface over which it travels.

An air mass is a body of air. It has similar characteristics to the land on top of which it forms. Fronts are the boundaries in between two different, or same air masses. (e.g: a cold front is when a cold air mass hits a warm air mass and quickly pushes the warm air mass upward.)

The basic characteristics that are used to describe are High and Low pressure.

No the mass of air is a function of the thickness of the atmosphere.

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