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The president of the US is indirectly elected by?


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INdirectly by the voters; directly by the Electoral College.


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Indirectly. The president of Suriname is elected by the Assembly.

Elected President and directly or indirectly elected Parliament

Congressmen are elected by direct ballot in their district. The President is elected indirectly by electors which each state chooses.

Bill Clinton was elected US President in 1992. He was re-elected in 1996.

The US president is elected if they win the vote of the Electoral College.

Woodrow Wilson was elected US president in 1912.

Richard M. Nixon was elected US President in 1968.

search how is the president elected you forgot the i in is

both The U.S. President is directly elected by the electoral college and indirectly elected by the people of the states of the U.S. In November of every fourth year, the people of each state elect members to the electoral college, and in December of the same years the electoral college elects the U.S. President and Vice President.

The electors from each state actually elect the president. The voters elect the electors.The Electoral College

THE president is elected by the electrol college. Congress is elected by the people

In the United States, the president and vice-president have always been elected by the citizens albeit indirectly via the electoral college.

The President and the VP are elected by the Electoral College.

Theodore Roosevelt was elected president in 1904.

The President and the VP are elected by the Electoral College.

George Washington was the first President to be re-elected.

The president can be elected for a second term, but then can not be elected again for a third term.

He was elected as President of the U.S. in 1860. He was re-elected in 1865.

Gerald Ford is the US President elected neither to the office of President or Vice-President.

Gerald Ford is the only US president who was not elected as president or vice president.

Ronald Reagan was elected as the 40th US President after Carter.

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