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This process is known as themal expansion.

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Q: The size of a temperature increase in a substance depends primarily on?
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What is the temperature at which a substance becomes a liquid?

depends of the substance

What happens to a substance when temp increase?

It depends on the type of matter and in the state of matter.1. With increase in temperature it becomes hot.2. With further increase if it in solid state it will change to a liquid state and finally to vapor state3. If it an organic matter it will set off bacterial decay.4. if the temperature excesses it may burn to be carbonizedInitially The particles in the substance vibrate quickly. this creates friction, which then heats up the substance. The substance also may expand by an insignificant amount, and the substance may become softer or more flowing.

What is the state of matter of room temperature of?

It really depends on the substance.

Does adding chemicals to water increase temperature?

It depends what

Why may the temperature of a substance change when energy is added?

Thermal energy of a substance is determined by the movement of the molecules and the potential energy of the arrangement of molecules. Heat transfer will stop when thermal equilibrium is reached. It depends upon the substance how long that takes.

How long does melting take?

It depends at the rate of temperature increase

Why a solid substance melts to liquid at high temperature?

the possibility of a solid substance to melt depends on the bond present in the solid high temperature,most or some of the bonds present in the substance break,leading to vibration of the crystal lattice present in the substance,if the vibration within compound increase,there is a distortion and breaking down of the bonds present,making the solid substance attain a more stable state,that is in liquid form.

How does temperature happen?

Temperature is a measure of the kinetic energy of the particles in a substance. Temperature in Kelvin is proportional to kinetic energy of particles. Heat on the other hand depends on the amount of substance present.

What is the measurement of the average kinetic energy of the molecules of a substance?

temperature is the average kinetic energy of a particle

When pressure increases does temperature increase?

In a closed system the pressure and temperature are direct proportional.

Can the speed of light depend on air temperature?

The speed at which light travels through a substance such as air depends on its density, which in turn depends in part on temperature.

What is melting points degrees?

The temperature at which something melts, what that is depends on substance in question.