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The starter on your 1984 caprice classic is loose how do you tighten it down?


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There are two large bolts which hold your starter to the block. you can try tightening these or a better idea is to go to your local parts store and pick up a couple of shims. Stick them in the gaps and then tighten the bolts down.


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Loose, defective, or corroded cables, loose ground wire, starter, or starter solenoid.

If the wire is loose at a connection, find a wrench that will fit it and tighten it.

Seized engine Discharged battery Loose or corroded battery cables Starter or starter solenoid Neutral safety switch

Clicking can mean a loose connection between battery and starter. Follow wire to starter and clean/tighten connector at starter.

Bad seal or seals. Can be the pan seal or the main shaft seals. Possibly even loose pan bolts. Tighten them to 20 lb/ft torque. A can of Trans X or Seafoam Trans Tune may help.

Your shift linkage may have slipped or become loose. Check your linkage.

If it is loose in the head, replace it. If it is loose where it mounts, take the trim panel off and tighten the screws.

starter bolts loose? answer starter bolts loose or stripped teeth on starter or flywheel

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take out the glove box, lower panel, under glove box and first to disconnect the heart hose, loose the lower panels, loose some bolt turn the core clockwise .pull it out

Loose or corroded battery cable? Loose wire on starter? Weak starter solenoid?

Dead battery, corroded or loose battery or starter cables, defective starter or starter solenoid, loose ground connection.

its probbaly the starter. i have a 1993 and mine went bad. check all the wires and tighten everything that's loose and if that dosent work put a screw driver across the terminals on the starter and if it dosent turn over then the starter is bad

To tighten a loose drive belt, find the pully that is connected to the belt. Tighten the pully and then hold the belt in place using the adjuster belt. Check out the related video to see an example of how this is done.

In some later model Sebrings there is a fuse in the engine compartment fuse box that controls the starter. If it blows you have a loose connection on the starter so replacing the fuse will not solve the problem. You need to tighten down the connector bolt.

You can not tighten a T-Rod end up. If it is loose then replace it.

Cannot tighten, Replacement is the only fix for loose transfer case chain.

NO! they're not supposed to be loose if they are use the yellow thing to tighten it.

please tell me where this loose vacume hoes goes to on my caprice from the heater valve to where?

Dirty or loose connections or a bad starter.

Weak Battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Weak starter solenoid? Bad starter? Weak Battery? Loose or corroded battery cables? Weak starter solenoid? Bad starter?

Check for: weak battery Loose or corroded battery cables Loose wire on starter Bad starter Bad starter solenoid Bad neutral safety switch

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