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State constitutions constrain the states themselves.

The states adopted the U.S. Constitution to form the federal government.

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Q: The state adopted constitutions to limit the power of whom?
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Why did many states constitutions limit the power of state governors?


Who may state constitutions limit taxes on?

Local Government =) State constitutions can limit taxes only on private purposes.

What led the people writing state constitutions to limit the power of governors?

The people were led to writing state constitutions to limit the power of the governs because the governs thought that they could rule the their state they way they wanted. Also the people thought they weren't being treated right.

How did state constitutions limit the power of their government?

the state never treated most citizens rite until the 19th ammendment... srry:D

Why did the state constitutions limit the power of the early state governors?

In writing state constitutions, Americans were well aware of the problems that had led to the Revolution. Colonists had been unhappy with governors appointed by the British Crown. Thus, the new constitutions minimized the powers of state governors.

Where do State courts get their power from?

State constitutions

Where do state courts get their power?

State constitutions

How many constitutions has Virginia had?

The state of Virginia has had seven constitutions, and that includes the one adopted in 1971, which is the current constitution.

What led the people writing state constitutions to limit the powers of governers?

So that one person wouldn't have such power like the king in Britain had

Who had authority in a state based on the first state constitutions adopted after independence?

Shawn keeton Shawn keeton

Which power is derived from state constitutions?

star court

According the the declaration of independence governments derive their power by what?

They get their power from the State constitutions and State laws.

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