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It's located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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How is the home state of the Liberty Bell misspelled on the bell?

On the liberty bell it is actually spelled like 'Pensylvania

What is the home of the liberty bell?

what's the home of the liberty bell

Why was the state house bell renamed to the Liberty Bell?

The Pennsylvania State House bell is the now the Liberty Bell.

The state that the liberty bell is in?

The liberty bell is located in Philadelphia

What city is a home of Liberty Bell?

Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is home to the Liberty Bell.

Home Of The Liberty Bell?

the name of the liberty bell is elmora el fandeo

What city is the home to the Liberty Bell?

The city that is home to the Liberty Bell is known as Philadelphia. The location of the Bell itself is Independence National Historic Park.

What it the liberty bell?

the liberty bell is an icon of freedom in the u.s. It cracked while being brought to indepedance hall, its home. it was first called "state house bell" because thats what idependance hall was first called.

What is pennylvannia nickname?

The Liberty Bell State or the Keystone State

Where is the old home for the liberty bell?

The Liberty Bell is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is located at 6th Street and Market Street.

What was the first name given to the Liberty Bell?

The Liberty Bell was named by the abolitionists while trying to free slaves. It was previously called the State House Bell.

What city is home of the Liberty Bell?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What is a symbol for Harriet Tubman?

home of the liberty bell

In which state is the original Liberty Bell located?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at Liberty Bell Center on Market Street between 5th & 6th streets.

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