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the government.

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Q: The term independent agencies means that the agencies are not part of?
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What term best describes agencies within the Federal Government created to perform a specific task?

independent federal agencies

Which is Concentration term independent temperature?

For ideal gases, the partial pressure term in equilibrium constant expressions is independent of temperature. This means that the concentration term for ideal gases is independent of temperature, assuming the ideal gas law holds true.

Why are independent agencies created?

Independent agency is a regulatory agency established by congress. Several different tasks are performed by independent agencies, It is a part of the government of the United States but works independently of the executive governmental departments. Independent agencies are responsible for keeping the government and the economy working smoothly.

Which term is the part of photosynthesis when energy is used to make sugar glucose?

Light-independent reactions

Which term is the part of photosynthesis when energy is used to make sugar like glucose?

Light-independent reactions

What is the term in math for independent variable?

There is no term other than independent variable.

What is the difference between an inspector and a detective?

(in the US) The titles and ranks that various law enforcement agencies give their personnel are not uniform or standard. In some agencies the term Inspector does mean Detective, in other agencies the title Inspector means other things entirely.

What is another term for the independent variable?

Treatment variable is another term for the independent variable.

Term that means making a circle with a body part?


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Percent means part of every hundred. For example, 5% means 5 out of every 100.

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Jaundice is term that refers to a yellowish tinge to the skin and the white part of the eye.