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The upstairs blow the cool air at 70F down stair at 60F and also upstairs keep running all the time What is the possible to cause this problem Thanks?


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June 01, 2007 5:15AM

I'm taking for granted that you know that cool air is heavier than warm air so it will naturally go to a lower level thanwram air and thusly displace warm air upward The problem you havedescribed is a very common one , indeed. In most homes, the thermostat is located in the upper level of the house. It places the order for your air conditioner to supply cool air and maintains this order until the temperature around it is satisfied. Because the air goes under the warm air , it races downward by any path that is available to it. Your options are to block its path by installing a door at the stairways or to have the thermostat at it's lowest point. The latter option is really not feasible because your downstairs will be the desired temperature and the upstairs will be too hot. Your best option is to block the path of the air flow downstairs and shutting off all or most of the vent outlets downstairs so that the majority of the cold air is routed to and remains upstairs as long as possible. you could also insulate your floor to isolate air filtration although this would be expensive and a bit on the "overkill" side. Hope this has been of some help. Signed, Been there...done that.