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North Vietnam and South Vietnam. South Vietnam was a democratic republic and North Vietnam had a socialist government headed by a communist regime. North Vietnam was trying to defeat the democracy of South Vietnam and unify the country.

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Overall it was a battle between South Vietnam and North Vietnam.

1861 for the US Civil War. Around the 1960s for the Vietnam War.

The effect that the Vietnam war had on Morrie's department at Brandeis university during the 1960s was the Vietnam Protest.

the conflict in Vietnam

The Vietnam War was between North and South Vietnam, although the United States did join the battle on the side of the South Vietnamese to help battle the communist North.

The Vietnam War impacted the culture in the US. Defiance!

Like the US Civil War in the 1860s the Vietnam War in the 1960s divided America.

The support for the Vietnam War began to dwindle by the late 1960s. This was because the war was affecting everyone, not just the lower economic classes.

Vietnam happened and changed American culture.

French Indochina War (or the 1st Indochina War).

women started to go to war in the Vietnam war in the 1960s

The conventional war and war between the US and North Vietnam began because of a naval battle(s) in the Tonkin Gulf in August 1964.

Vietnam was a hot battle of the cold war.

Vietnam was a "hot" battle of the "Cold War". The Korea was the first "hot" battle of the "Cold War."

The Vietnam War was the second "hot" battle of the cold war. The Korean War was the first "hot" battle.

a movement protesting the Vietnam war- mainly the draft

Different centuries: 1860s vs 1960s.

VietnamVietnam and the United States both endured a war in the 1960's. This war was called the Vietnam War and it is one of the most known wars.

Vietnam was a "hot" battle of the cold war.

The Vietnam War was the second "HOT" battle of the cold war (the Korean War was the first "Hot" battle).

the war between Vietnam and the USA the winner was Vietnam

the Vietnam war was going on in the 1960

The Vietnam War was the only major shooting war going on between the communist world and the free world during the 1960's.

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