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The wise saying king Solomon called?

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There are many, but one of them is "everything is vanity"

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Who is the wise king of the Israel?

He is the wise king Solomon.

Was Solomon wise?

yes king Solomon was wise because in the bible it says he was very smart and wise because God gave Solomon three wishes and one of them was to be wise Jake Solomon is not though i know jakey boy ain't wise

Who was the wise king who built the temple in Jerusalm?

King Solomon

Who was a wise king and Jesse's grandson?


How was king Solomon regarded during his time?

Solomon was considered as a wise ruler and a good king as god was with him.

What did Solomon do during his regin?

King Solomon was wise and popular king, he made the country rich and built the temple.

Who was the richest man in the bible?

wise king Solomon

Who is David and bathsheba's wise son?

It is King Solomon.

Ture or false Israelites Loved Solomon as their king because he proverbs were so wise?

True, the Israelites loved Solomon as their king because his proverbs were so wise.

What do we call the wise saying of Solomon that were written down?

A:As far as we know,no saying of King Solomon was ever written down but the Book of Proverbs, actually compiled from pre-Exilic and post-Exilic material after the Babylonian Exile, is traditionally attributed to him.

Who was known as the wise king in the Bible?

King Solomon was renowned for his wisdom, although it was not really his but was given him by God in answer to a request.

Who was king david' son who was wise and foolish?


How many people is as wise as king Solomon in the bible?


What were the wise sayings of Solomon called?


What wise saying was Solomon known for?

Hundreds of them, as recorded in Proverbs and Ecclesiastes (Kohellet).

Did king Solomon have hobbies?

As he was a wise king he must have had hobbies like debates and writing.

Who was the Hebrew king who earned a reputation as a wise and able leader?


Was king Solomon nice?

Yes King Solomon was a good, famous and wise king, men and even rulers came to seek advise from him, like queen sheeba.

What were wise sayings written by Solomon called?


Did the Israelites love Solomon as their king because his probverbs were so wise?

No, he was the King because he was the son of King David.

What does proverbs 1verse 1means?

Proverbs 1:1, The proverbs of Solomon, son of David, king of Israel: Means that it was written by Solomon, who was the son of King David. King David was the King of Israel. A proverb is a short wise/profound truth or saying that is in general use. The Bible book called 'Proverbs' is a collection of such saying written/compiled by Solomon. (See Proverbs 10:1; 25:1). It appears that he authored most/many of them, but Solomon also tells us that some of the proverbs were from other sources. (See Proverbs 22:17; 30:1; 31:1; Ecclesiastes 12:9,10)

What characteristics made Solomon in the old testament a great king?

He was very wise.

Who is the man with the most number of wives mentioned in the bible?

Wise king Solomon

The wise sayings of Solomon were written down and are called?

Song of Solomon or Song of Songs- which is a book in the bible.

Who is the wise king of israel?

It is the wise king Solomon.Emmanuel a boy said to be born on 1998 on march 1 in dominican republic who is a descent of king david he will rule in the future to come.