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Q: There are three major bodies of water between Troy and Ithaca. What are they and why are they so important to the Greeks?
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What body of water did ancient Greeks live by?

The Greeks lived by two bodies of water, the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

What bodies of water surrounded the Greeks?

i think its the red sea

Were the ancient Greeks exposed to large bodies of water?

Were the ancient greece exposed to large bodies of water

Which bodies of water did the ancient Greeks use for trade?

The Meditterainian and the Aegean Seas.

What are the bodies of knowledge explored by the Greeks?

In my school history book it says that the bodies of knowledge explored by the Greeks is 1.religion 2.drama 3.philosophy 4.the human body

Which bodies of water are important to Egypt?

he red sea is one of the important bodies of water but the more important is the Nile river

The large strait between the island of Madagascar and the southeast African mainland?

It is important to know the bodies of water separating bodies of land. The straight between Madagascar and the south east African mainland is the Mozambique Chanel.

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How are the ancient Greeks and the present day Greeks use there bodies of water that surround them?

The ancient Greeks would use the water for bathing, and beverage. I'm not quite sure about the current Greeks though. If I find out I'll let you know ASAP

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The joints between the vertebral bodies are gliding joints.

What Is The Importance Of Poseidon To The Greeks?

He controlled all the bodies of water Poseidon was also the god of horses and earthquakes.

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