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Just repaired one with the same problem. The 2000 Impala has a cabin filter and just to the right of the cabin filter is a drain hole. This may be stopped up and allowing water to enter by way of the filter. Raise the hood, turn on the ignition and then the wipers and stop them in the up position by turning off the ignition. Now if you look at the large black plastic covering the area just below the windshield, you will notice is is made of 2 pieces. Remove the piece on the passenger side. The 2 small clips just pull off and the large one screws off. Be careful with the windshield washer line. Once you have this removed, then remove the filter and see if it is wet. If so this is where the water is entering the passenger compartment. To the right of the filter you will see a large drain hole. Pour a little water in this drain and you should see it flow quickly out under the car. If not the drain is clogged and needs to be cleaned out. Good luck.

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Q: There is a leak on the passenger side of a 2000 Chevy impala but only when it is washed or it rains extremely heavy?
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