There is no mention of spark plug gapping in the owner's manual or under the hood so What is the spark plug gap on a 1995 Ford Ranger 4cyl?

0.035" Is my fix all number. Check that the plugs were not pre-gapped, though. call advance auto parts..the computer has the gaps in it they can look it up and tell you You will find that replacing the plugs on this engine is quite a chore. This 2.3L engine has 8 spark plugs 2 per cylinder. Since your going to spend about 3 hours doing this job, working slow and careful of course... use some Bosch Platinum Plus plugs. They are pre-gapped (never set gap on a platinum plug) and will have 2 prongs on each plug. These should last you 60-80K miles and you will have long forgotten the scraped knuckles and 3 hours of time it took you to replace these plugs by the time you need to do it again. The gap range is .042" to .046, repair manual shows o.e. plug # as AWSF32PP.