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They work with any computer that has a USB port, to a USB device.?


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They work with any computer that has a USB port, to a USB device.

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No, The CO1U is a USB microphone (USB Device) and will only work with computers (USB host). The USB port on the Fast Track is a USB device port for transferring recordings to a computer.

This is what you could do:*Take out you USB device and give the port a gentle blow.try again.*If it still doesn't work, (On a normal computer there are more than one USB port), Put the USB device in a different port.*If they don't work then the problems could be as follows:-There may be a problem with your computer/laptop.-There may be a problem with your USB Device.-If there is a problem with your computer (If you tried changing your USB port 2 times+ and there is no new response) you may need to call up the computer company and ask for an exchange.

Use the wire cable to connect with it if you have a USB port in your computer.

you plug it into a usb port on a computer and it does its magic.

A USB drive is essentially a way to store and make a computer document portable and able to be seen in any other device with a USB drive port. One would plug the USB flash drive device into the correct port on the device. Then follow the on screen instructions to save a document to the USB flash drive device.

Check that the usb device is functional in the Device Manager, Some USB devices don't appear in Device Manager use the utility program that came bundled with the device to check for errors. No. Plug the device into another USB port. If it does not work after you have plugged it into all USB ports on the computer then you know that your device is not working.

A 7 port USB hub is a device that plugs into a single USB port on the computer and offers 7 additional USB ports. This would be used in the event that a user had more USB devices to plug in than are available on the computer.

The USB 2.0 and 3.0 device will work. USB 3.0 is backwards compatible with USB 2.0.

Put it in the USB port of the computer. It plugs into the port like any other USB device. It should show up as a folder or HD icon on your desktop.

Plug the USB device into a vacant port. Open the window where the item is that you want to copy. Open the window for the USB device. Drag and drop the item from its original place to the USB device.

Plug two or three devices into that port if none of them work the port is defective.

It is a USB device that plugs into a USB port to provide more USB ports.

The port is located may be located on the back or front of your computer. For instance a USB port is usually on the front. A port is then connected to a certain device. For instance your keyboad is connected to a keyboard port so that your computer keyboard can work. All ports are connected to the motherboard, which allows whaever device port you connected to to run...

magicJack is a device that can be inserted into a USB port on a user's computer

Parts in a computer like any other device can be replaced when damaged, a usb port plugs into the mother board like any other. Radio shack or fryes can match up a usb for your pc.

either the flash drive is corrupt or the USB port is bad. try a different USB port. If that does not work, try a different computer. If the other port or computer works, then it is a problem with your USB port. If it cannot be read in either computer, then either a part of the USB drive is broken in the hardware, or your USB drive is corrupt and you need to reformat it.

Just connect the device on the USB port and right click on the file to be sent and select the usb location.

Put a USB cable into your USB device, then put it into a USB port on you PC. Then open up My Computer and find your device. Copy the data or songs to your device by dragging and dropping into that device.

"Yes, a thumb drive connects to your computer via the USB port. It is essentially the same as a flash drive as it acts as an external storage device."

It allowes someone to input a device into the computer. (Connect an ipod, flashdrive, etc.)

Midi to USB cables run from some sort of musical device (electronic keyboard, electric guitar, etc) to a USB port on your computer. You can use it to transfer midi files (music files) into your computer.

I usb port can support one device at a time. The support any device that hooks up to a usb chord and usb drives.

It means you have to plug your USB port into the computer that is also plugged into your ipod. The USB port should go away after this and you can work you ipod.

A USB wireless network adapter is a device that allows you to connect to a wireless network as is connected to a computer via a USB port.

Yes a USB 2.0 device can be plugged into a USB 3.0 port although you will only receive USB 2 speeds not USB 3 speeds

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