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probably because he knows you like him

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Your crush says he doesn't like you but he kinda stares at you I do not knowwhy?

well, he might like you.... or they is just curious if you like them..

What does it mean if your crush says he doesn't like you but he stares at you?

It really depends - he could be embarrassed and does like you but doesn't want to admit it or he is not interested in you as you are with him and when he is looking at you is just aware where you are and knows you like him.

What does that mean if the guy you like stares at you and says hi to you when you look at him?

it doesnt really mean anything.... he is just being polite.... du u get me??...

Why if a guy says he likes you but doesnt act like it?

Ask him.? Ask him why he says he likes you but doesnt act like it. Either he will answer the question or he doesnt like you..

What do you do when your crush says that you're barely cute?

If you like a person that says that to you, you find a new crush...

He knows you like him he says he doesnt like me we never spoke before but he always stares at me?

How do you know you like him if you've never spoke? You probably find him attractive and he's probably just trying to figure out who you are. "Scoping out his options"

If you like a guy and his friend says to you that he likes you and your crush says he swears to god he doesnt like you and he goes all red and laughs does it mean that he likes me?

even if you figure out that he likes you then, you still have to wait for him to ask you out...so don't worry about it until he asks you out...

If a guy has a girlfriend but says he doesnt like her anymore and tries to get rid of her and likes you what do you do?

Go to the guy and tell him to tell his girlfriend that he has a crush on you and that he thinks they should get over each other.

What does it mean when a guy says that he donsn't like you but stare at you a lot?

if he stares at you that usually means he does like you, so maybe he says he doesn't like you because he is afraid to tell you the truth.

How you tell your crush you like them?

Ask your friend to tell your crush that she heard a rumor that you like your crush. If your too shy to make your friend do this, ask your friend to say to your crush that she heard a rumor that your crush likes you. Then see what he/she says.

What do you do when your girlfriend says maybe to everything?

she doesnt want to do it or doesnt like what you are telling her...and doesnt want to tell you or you to know

What does it mean when a guy says your not really cute?

well if he says your not really cute than starts laughing he is just messing with you and he might like you or have a little crush on you. but if he says i dont think your cute then walks away with a strait face or says it and walks away with out saying anything he doesnt like u and he probably thinks your not that pretty

You ask your crush if it annoys him that you text him everyday and he says no so is he telling the truth?

He probably doesnt want to lose you as a friend but doesnt want to be more tyan friends... So no

What does Nick Jonas look for ina a girl?

nick Jonas says he like about girls is her EYES he like 2 girls 2 be fun sweet and he doesnt likes girls who r quite he says hell crush them!!!and he likes girls with dresses and high heelzz

If this boy know you like him and he stares at you in class do that mean he like you back?

Well, if he knows you like him, then he may just be thinking if he likes you back, or if you just wish you never met. But if he stares at you, there is a possibility that he likes you too. If he continues to stare, maybe you should go up to him and ask why he stares at you. If he gets nervous and says he wasn't staring at you. Remind him that you like him, then ask him if he would like to go out with you. If he says no, don't rush, give him some time, and flirt a little, but if he says yes, do what you can to keep the relationship going.

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