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Mexico, Germany, Spain, England, Ireland, china etc.


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Three fifths of the immigrants on Earth immigrate to the United States. The majority of these immigrants come from Mexico and Canada with a few from Germany.

Immigrants come to the US every year. There has never been a single year of US history in which there were no immigrants.

They have like poor countries and want to start a new life

when did old immigrants come to the united states

Immigrants have no good jobs and their family sometimes lives in the US.

Europe - about 45,000,000 immigrants other North American countries - about 14,500,000 immigrants South America - about 2,000,000 immigrants Africa - about 500,000 immigrants (not including slaves that were forced to come) Asia - about 8,000,000 immigrants Australia - about 300,000 immigrants

Immigrants from all over Europe have flocked to the US over history. Today, most immigrants come from Eastern Europe, from countries such as the Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus, and Romania. However, the United Kingdom remains the largest US-immigrater of Europeans today. During the great waves of immigration, most immigrants came from countries such as Germany, Ireland, Italy, France, and Poland. Other countries with significant number of immigrants include Sweden, Greece, Russia, Portugal, and Spain.

German immigrants did not come specifically for the jobs, they were being invaded by other countries in Germany so the chose to move

For the same thing as most immigrants. To have a better life than they could ever have in their native countries. Here we have more freedoms and many more opportunities.

We are all immigrants. Humans are not native to the Western Hemisphere.

Immigrants came from Southern Europe

Impossible to answer. Some countries such as the US have immigration quota's, some do not. This means that there is no fixed amount of immigrants moving to new countries each year.

Immigrants came to America to find freedom liberty and peace.

They can come from all over the world.

What are three effects immigrants had on the U.S. between 1840 and 1920

You have to tell us which two countries you mean so we can answer this.

If you mean immigrants traveling to the US, then the answer is many places. Some places they came from were Italy, Sweden, other European countries, Asia, and in the present day Mexico, the Caribbean, and South America. Those are only a few of the many places they came from.

Immigrants come to Ellis island to get excepted in the us

Immigrants can come to Texas from anywhere in the world. It is most common for Mexicans to emigrate to Texas, due to the close proximity.

All spanish speaking countries in the world are respresented by immigrants in the U.S.

Very few immigrants come expressly to learn English, though many immigrants learn English as a result of living in the United States.

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