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Ticks on people?


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Yes, ticks will feed on people.


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yes people can get dog ticks and sometimes the ticks give people lime dicease which is very very dangerous

it can give people diseases

20 people die by australian paralysis ticks every year.

Ticks like to bite people in warm, moist, and hairy places like the armpit.

Yes, ticks can transmit diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever which can be fatal to people.

we get typhus by bites of ticks and lice~

Ticks are not native to Alaska. If you have ticks, you brought them with you.

No ticks can only crawl

Yes, dogs do get ticks.

I don't see why not. If a cow is grazing or living in a grassy area where ticks may be, I don't see why they CAN'T get ticks. All animals get ticks.

no it repels ticks. it does not kill ticks just like it does not kill mosquitoes.

No, ticks are not segmented worms.

No - ticks are killed by alcohol .

Usually, ticks go after blood.

ticks, fleas, mites, people, etc.

they stick there head into your flesh, just like they do an animal

Yes. They attack any warm blooded victim.

they stick there head into your flesh, just like they do an animal

well probably if the house is near

In TBRF, humans contract Borrelia when they are fed upon by ticks. Ticks often feed on humans at night, so many people who have been bitten are unaware that they have been.

If you are referring to ticks the ectoparasites, there are 800-900 species of ticks know on this planet.

Gently pull the ticks off the dog with gloves on. If you are concerned the ticks passed a disease to the dog, save the ticks and show the vet to test them

Yes. If you are sitting next to someone, a tick can jump off of you onto that person. This is most common when pets transfer ticks to people though.

Ticks are Antropods.Centipedes are Chilopods.

are ticks dangerous then spiders

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