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Timing belt for a Daewoo leganza is off?


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2008-03-25 02:33:42

If you mean the belt fell off the gears while the engine was running, you will have to replace the cylinder head. This is a zero clearance DOHC motor. When timing jumps, slips, or belt slips or breaks, you WILL have broken valves. Be prepared for a lengthy search---even for a salvaged head---Daewoo parts are becoming scarcer by the day---good luck


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The timing may be off a tooth, or maybe a vacuum line was not hooked back up.

Inside the belt side of the engine. It runs off of the timing belt.Inside the belt side of the engine. It runs off of the timing belt.

If your timing is off, it's most likely because of the timing belt. I had this problem when I changed my timing belt and took my car apart over 10 times. You have to be dead-on precise when fitting the timing belt. If you are off one notch your timing will be off. It's that precise.

if the timing belt breaks then yes it will throw the timing off.

the water pump is run off the timing belt and there is a specal tool for the adjustment on the timing belt witch is adjusted by the water pump the kent moorve number for the tool is J-2492-A

The timing belt on a 2000 Isuzu Trooper is replaced by removing the engine accessories, taking off the timing cover and loosening the tensioner. The belt can then be slipped off the sprockets and a new timing belt put in place.

There are two timing marks; * On the bottom crankshaft pulley (alternator belt attached) * On the timing belt pulley (you will need to take off the plastic cover) The timing in a Daewoo is set by the timing belt. If you are replacing the timing belt (if it has broken), you need to # Check that cylinder one is at the top of it's upward stroke, the timing mark on the crankshaft pulley should be at top dead centre # Remove the valve cover and check that both the inlet and exhaust valve on cylinder one are closed. You should see the cam lobes both pointing up. Looking at a clock, they would be positioned at the 10 and 2 positions. I have found his car to be very frustrating to set the timing when replacing a broken timing belt. No obvious settings, almost need to pull the engine apart and go back to basics to get the timing right.

You might check the idler pulley. My car is in the shop right now...thought it was the timing belt, but it turns out the idler pulley was the actual problem. Hope this helps.TimingI believe that's an interference engine so being off on the timing just a smidge will prevent the car from running

Unless you have had the timing belt off or it has broken the timing should still be correct. The way you set the timing is by taking the timing belt off and lining up the timing marks and put the belt back on. I added a link to a text how-to for setting the timing on the Zetec engine. -ZX2Fast

If timing belt isn't moving, your engine isn't running. Probably sheared a few cogs off the timing belt. Time for a new belt.

Your timing belt was not properly installed. It's probably off by a tooth or two.

you take out the two strews on the side, then the strew in the area of the window button pry off the panel

If you suspect your timing belt has broken or the teeth have been stripped off of it, the only way to know for sure is to take off you timing belt cover and have a look. Some vehicles had / have interference heads. These vehicles will destroy their own valves if you try to crank them without a timing belt on.

Sometimes there is a re-set switch but the timing belt cover has to be taken off to find it, alternatively get the garage to change your timing belt and re-set the t.belt switch. Not changing your timing belt could result in a broken timing belt and serious engine damage.

(belt) if it needs replacing do water pump at the same time it runs off the timing belt save time and money

On a 2.5 liter engine it is located behind the timing belt cover.My advise, replace the timing belt when you replace the timing belt. It will have to come off anyway.

Do not install a used timing belt on the 2003 Neon. Install a new belt.

you have to take the timing belt cover off and timing belt to get to the water pump

The timing belt on a 1999 Kia Sephia is changed by removing the timing cover, loosening the tensioner, and pulling the belt off. A new belt is then put in place and then tension reapplied.

Yes, the water pump on a 3.5L is timing belt driven.Yes, the water pump on a 3.5L is timing belt driven.

On a 1999 Leganza it's under the passenger door sill. Remove the plastic sill and it's under the carpet.

Which belt? Fan belt or timing belt? Or is it the a/c belt? The timing belt is the hardest. Let me know and I'll be able to help you. Lee Duncan

The timing belt on a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim is replaced by removing the engine accessories, removing the timing cover, and taking pressure off the idler pulley. The belt can then be slipped off the sprockets, a new belt put in place, and the tension restored.

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