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To a vexillologist flag collector what is a charge?

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βˆ™ 2008-01-28 19:19:59

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This is any emblem, design, figure or symbol appearing in the basic field of a flag. The red maple leaf is the charge of the Canadian flag.

2008-01-28 19:19:59
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Q: To a vexillologist flag collector what is a charge?
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What does a vexillologist collect?

Vexillologist - a collector of flags

What is a flag specialist called?

A flag specialist is called a vexillologist.

A vexillologist is what kind of expert?

Flag expert

What is a flag expert called?

vexillologistA person that is an expert in flag design & history is called a "vexillologist."Read more:

Vexillologist is an expert in what?

A vexillologist is someone who has studied and become an expert on flags.

What ia a flag collector called?


A vexillologist is an expert in what?

Study Of Flags

What would a vexillologist study?


What is the correct name for a flag maker?

A person who studies flags is a vexillologist; a person who designs flags is a vexillographer; and any person who simply likes, admires, or enjoys flags is a vexillophile.

What is the name for a person who studies flags?


What is a vexillologist an expert in?

A verxillologist is an expert in flags.

A vexlliologist is an expert in what?

vexillologistIs the study of flags!

What do you call a person who is an expert at flags?

a vexillologist

How much is a Japanes world war 2 flag worth?

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What is a vexillologist?

A person that is an expert in studying flags.

What is collection of flags called?

The collection of flags is called vexillology. This also involves the studying of flag symbolism and history. A flag collector is a vexillophile.

What do you call someone who studies flags?

Someone who studies flags is called a Vexillologist

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