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what majors will i take in college to become a brain surgeon?

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Q: To be a brain surgeon what would you have to major in college?
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What does a sugon do?

I'm assuming you mean 'what does a surgeon do' Well, it really depends what kind of surgeon you mean. Surgeons preform surgery on patients. So a brain surgeon would preform surgery on the brain, a knee surgeon on the knee and so on and so forth.

College degree needed for a brain surgeon?

A surgeon is a physician. It would take four years for the bachelor's degree with completion of all prerequisite coursework and four years of medical school. There would also be an additional three or more years to complete the internship and residency requirements.

How many years of college does a heart surgeon need?

to be a heart surgeon you would need to be in college for about 15-18 years give or take a few.

What do you call a spinal surgeon?

That would be a neurosurgeon. They specialize in brain and spinal surgery.

What if your academic path in college is referred to as your?

Your academic path in college is referred to as your? your best choicr would be College major. apex-college major

Which body cavity would be opened when removing a brain tumor?

A surgeon would cut open the skull to enter the cranial cavity to operate on the brain

What age would a surgeon finish college?

Clearly that would depend on the age at which he or she started.

What college degree do you need to become a surgeon?

You would need a medical degree and residency in surgery to become a surgeon. If you become a registered nurse, you could assist a surgeon.

How long will you have to go to college to be a surgeon?

Typically, to become a surgeon, you would need a four year college degree and a three year medical school degree. After that, there would be internship, surgical residency, and possibly a fellowship before practicing.

Where can you find a brain?

You would find a brain in your skull but do not try to get it because you will kill yourself without skills of a surgeon. Apparently, your brain is NOT in your skull or anywhere in your body if you have to ask where your brain is located.

What would you see a Colorectal surgeon for?

A colorectal surgeon specializes in issues having to do with the colon, rectum, and anus. You would see a colorectal surgeon for any colorectal cancer, hemorrhoids, polyps or any major lower digestive issue.

What if your academic path in college is referred to as your .?

Your academic path in college is referred to as your? your best choicr would be College major. apex-college major

What is the special training would a brain surgeon need?

he would need to know how to use a knife and how to cut somebodys poor scalp off!

How can one become a breast implant surgeon?

In order to become a breast implant surgeon, one would need to attend college to earn your PhD and specialize in plastic surgery. Then one would need to become board certified in order to practice as a breast implant surgeon.

What if your academic path in college is referred to as?

Your academic path in college is referred to as your? your best choicr would be College major. apex-college major

What are the requirements for pursuing a career as a Neonatal Surgeon?

You would have to spend 8 years in college to get your MD, then you would have to start specializing with a residency in a hospital for at least another year.

Is neurolojist and brain surgen the same education?

Yes, until after their basic medical degree. After that they both specialise (since neurologists don't normally operate, whereas brain surgeon's do). Neurologist's would usually be the ones looking after those who had been operated on by the brain surgeons. (Surgeon's don't usually do aftercare, or pre-surgery care; that's the neurologist's job).

How many years in college would it take to finish a degree to become a heart surgeon?

It takes about 15-16 years to become a heart surgeon. To become a heart surgeon, you will need to complete college (4 years), medical school (4 years), a residency in general surgery (5 years), and then specialized training in cardiothoracic surgery (3 years).

What is the major cell in nervous system?

um, the major cell? you mean the major organ? anyway, in that case, it would be the Brain

Why would a surgeon choose to perform brain surgery while the patient is awake?

This may be chosen because the patient's conscious response to stimuli or voluntary actions must be measured to assure the appropriate outcome of the surgery and to influence the actions of the surgeon performing the surgery (as in, if the patient is asked to speak and the surgeon is operating in a part of the brain that controls these functions, if the patient's speech improves, then the surgery is successful - if the patient's speech becomes slurred or inarticulate, then the surgeon may need to do more or may need to stop now).

What high school courses are needed to become a general surgeon?

Heavy science and math would be best. Truth is that its all about the college!

What would you major in at college if you wanted to be a dental hygienst?

I believe dental hygene is a major.

What would will you need to major in college to be a lawyer?


What college course would you take to be a surgeon?

If you go tomedical school, (depending on your profession) courses will be recommended.

What types of surgeons have the highest salaries?

The most high paid surgeons well there really isn't any right answer because it depends how good of a doctor you are but the top most paid specialties would be , heart surgeon , brain surgeon and probably a plastic surgeon because it is very popular now a days. Neurosurgeon