To take long term care insurance how longdo you have to wait bef ore it goes i n toaffect?

It depends on the waiting or elimination period that you choose. Normally, insurance providers offer a 90 day elimination period which has 2 categories: the day of service and the calendar days.

The days of service refers to the actual days of long term care services you receive, supposed you received caregiving or other ltc services for 45 days only, even though 90 days have passed, only 45 days are counted from your elimination period. Depending on the type of policy, you can include skilled care from medicare since it covers 100 days, to be deducted from the 90 days period.

The calendar days on the other hand, refers to the actual number of days that have passed, regardless if you receive long term care services or not. This is more expensive though.

There is also the zero days elimination period, but this feature may increase your long term care insurance premiums cost up to 40%.