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You get a ticket and your insurance goes up. You can not drive without a license and if you cost the insurance company money they raise your premiums especially if you get a ticket


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When this happens, your Insurance company pays for damages. If the accident is your fault, your insurance rates can go up.

Your insurance will care of the damages. If you don't have insurance, the other parties insurance will take care of the damages and then go after you.

You pay for all damages if you were at fault, and get a citation and fine for not having insurance.

Typically, the uninsured driver will be cited for it, and your insurance co. is liable for the damages.

you got to jail for not having insurance or a vaild license and you are personally liable for all the damages you caused.

You need a life insurance policy to cover the risk of death and a health insurance policy as a cushion against hospitalisation expenses. Buy Personal Accident Insurance Coverage :

If you have an auto accident and you are found to be at fault, then if taken to court you can be liable for all damages. You could potentially lose everything that you have.

The insurance company is not liable to pay out any damages that were caused in the accident and they cancel your policy. This means that the driver bears the full financial burden for the costs of the accident.

The at-fault driver's insurance will pay for all property and bodily injury damages.

If both drivers have no insurance and do not file a police report, each driver is responsible for repairing the damage to his/her own vehicle.

You call your insurance company and report it. if the accident is your fault, with very minor damage, you would be better off paying for the damages yourself, rather than telling your insurance company and having your rates go up.

It depends on the state the accident occurred in. In California the renter is responsible. Again this varies by the state of the accident.

Vehicle liability insurance is insurance that only covers the other car. That means that if you get in a wreck, you are liable for what happens to your car. It also means that that your insurance company will pay for the damages to the other person's car if the accident is found to be your fault, but if it is the other person's fault, then their insurance will pay for the damages to your car.

Maryland requires drivers to purchase car insurance to help safeguard lives and property when accidents occur. However, drivers must consider how much they are willing to spend on car insurance and the type of insurance they need. There are different insurance policies that vehicle owners can choose from. The type of car insurance that people should purchase depends on the kind of car they have and their driving record. Drivers should also get their cars insured to make sure they will not have to shoulder all of the cost when they have a road accident. Maryland law also mandates that all drivers need to carry car insurance. However, drivers should get to know the types of insurance available. This will help drivers broaden their understanding and determine what kind of policy they should purchase. Liability coverage is a common type of insurance, and it is required under Maryland law. Liability insurance safeguards the vehicle owner from paying for damages to the other party when they cause an accident. This type of policy does not reimburse policy holders for damages. Drivers may want to think about pairing this with a policy that will cover their own vehicle in case an accident happens. Collision car insurance goes very well with liability car insurance coverage. This insurance policy will pay for damages to the driver and their property after an accident. This will help vehicle owners spend less when they are involved in an accident. Maryland law also requires a few more types of insurance to go along with liability coverage. In Maryland, personal insurance policies are required to protect the driver of the vehicle. PIP will help pay the driver's medical expenses regardless of who was at fault in an accident. Maryland also requires drivers to carry uninsured motorist coverage. This will help vehicle owners pay for damages when the other party does not have liability insurance coverage. It is always important for Maryland drivers to purchase insurance policies. Road accidents have been a major cause of injury and death in Maryland for many years. Driving without insurance can lead people to trouble with the law. Uninsured drivers will also have a lot of expenses to pay if they are involved in an accident. Because of this, it is always wise for Maryland drivers to purchase car insurance policies that are commensurate with their needs.

You are the one legally in the care, custody, and control of the vehicle and therefore are the one who will be cited for driving without insurance. This is just the beginning of your trouble though. If you were at fault, you are also responsible for the damages done in the accident which may include injuries and damages to the vehicle you hit.

Your insurance won't pay for any damage or injury to persons or vehicle. (unless they were driving legally with a drivers permit)

your still in trouble since you dont have a License,if you have a mean judge,

You and the owner will be sued for damages, hopefully there were no injuries because if there are, your life as you now know it will be over. There is nothing more reckless than to drive a car without insurance....

Then you are doing the right thing. If you avoided getting a ticket then the accident won't become part of your record.

Nothing happens if a person that hits someone in their vehicle and their insurance is covered through another state than the accident happened at. Car insurance companies will pay for damages no matter where they happen at.

Usually, if the driver had the owner's permission to drive. What happens if the car is owned by the person that has the accident but the insurance is in your name? However you no longer want to be in that relationship or to have to pay that insurance?

If they don't have a licence they won't have valid insurance. Your own insurance company will advise; in the UK there is a pool to cover this, but it'll be different elsewhere.

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