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Tools Needed to replace front brakes 2002 Ford Focus?


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Tools needed to replace front brakes 2002 Ford Focus?


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To replace brakes effectively, you need to know what type of brakes you have. In general, you will need a jack, new brakes, a wrench and Allen wrenches.

The brakes on the Villager are as straight forward as the brakes on a 1965 Mercury. Only normal brake tools are required.

To replace the brake pads on a 96 Grand Am, three tools will be needed. First, a C-Clamp, then a hex key to remove the caliper bolts, and a screwdriver to work the caliper free.

first off are they disk brakes, (like the front one)? or drum brakes?

the only tools need are a 17 inch socket a rachet a "C" clamp to push the piston back in.

To replace Melex golf cart brakes, you will need parts that vary depending on the model. In all cases, you will need the new brake shoes and possibly the calipers. You can replace these parts using standard tools including a Philips screwdriver.

What tools are needed to replace secondary air pump on 2001 Oldsmobile intrique

Yes it is possible to replace brakes yourself. If you have the tools and a little background in cars, you should not have a problem replacing the brakes on the car.

You should start you own business. If you have all the tools needed to replace brakes, you should just start your own business on the side and get your own clients.

all you need to change the thermostat is a #25 trox driver- there are three screws 2 at the top and 1 on the lower left side

Common hand tools, sockets and wrenches. Nothing special.

Plumbing tools should be replaced as needed,most quality tools carry a lifetime warranty.

It depends greatly on the repair needed and the tools you have on hand in determining how long it takes to repair brakes and brake services. If you don't have that have a professional do it.

To replace the brake pads on a Toyota Tercel a jack is needed. Some other tools that will be used are a socket wrench, screwdriver, lug wrench, and a pair of pliers.

A 10mm wrench, a flat blade screwdriver and a jack.

The tools needed for an oil change tend to be common tools. A floor jack is needed to access the oil pan. A pan which is used to drain oil into. A wrench and socket set is used to remove and replace the oil cap.

No special tools needed, just the usual: c-clamps, wrenches, ratchet. I believe the caliper bolt is an 18mm, not sure on the slide bolts. I finished in less then an hour the first time I did it.

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