Top ten busiest ambulance in the US?

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08C in manhattan was the busiest ambulance in the US according to a firehouse magazine national run survey
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What are the top ten busiest airports in the US?

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, GA . Los Angeles International Airport, Los Angeles, CA . O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL . Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas/Fort Worth,TX . Denver International Airport, Denver, CO . John F. Kennedy Internati ( Full Answer )

What is the top ten rainiest cities in the US?

The 10 rainiest cities in the U.S. by amount of annual rainfall include: . Mobile, Ala.: 67 inches average annual rainfall; 59 average annual rainy days . Pensacola, Fla.: 65 inches average annual rainfall; 56 average annual rainy days . New Orleans, La.: 64 inches average annual rainfall; 59 ave ( Full Answer )

Which are the top ten Universities Of US?

Harvard Princeton Yale MIT Stanford California Institute of Technology University of Pennsylvania Columbia University Duke University University of Chicago

What are the top ten schools in the us for academics?

1. Harvard University (MA). 2. Princeton University (NJ). 3. Yale University (CT). 4. Stanfored University (CA). 5. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA). 6. California Institue of Technology. 7. Duke University (NC). 8. Columbia University (NY). 9. University of Chicago. 10. Universit ( Full Answer )

What are the top 10 busiest airports in the world?

So far in 2014, these are the world's 10 busiest airports bypassenger traffic: . Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta,Georgia, USA . Beijing capital International Airport, Chaoyang, Beijing, China . Dubai International Airport, Garhoud, Dubai, United ArabEmirates . Lond ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten causes of death in the US?

Answer . The top ten causes of death are heart disease, cancer, stroke, chronic lower respiratory disease, diabetes, influenza and pneumonia, Alzheimer's disease, Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis, and Septicemia.

What are the top ten endangered fish in the US?

grouper. swordfish. sea bass. tuna. dolphin (fish). cod. Additional Info: Listed on the NMFS Endangered Species List, a group of the US Fish and Wildlife Service, Atlantic Salmon, Chinook Salmon (9 listed ), Chum Salmon (2 listed), Coho Salmon (4 listed), Green Sturgeon (southern), Gulf Sturge ( Full Answer )

Top five busiest airports in the world?

The 12 largest passenger traffic airports (passengers in 2004 source: Airports Council International) . Airport Annual passenger traffic . 1. Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson) 83,578,906. 2. Chicago (O'Hare) 75,373,888. 3. London (Heathrow) 67,343,960. 4. Tokyo (Haneda) 62,320,968. 5. Los A ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten busiest seaports in the US?

According to the most current statistics I was able to find, I determined the four top US seaports to be: New York City , New York; Boston , Massachusetts; Houston , Texas; Los Angeles , California. The next six largest seaports are: New Orleans , Louisiana; Baltimore , Maryland; San Francisc ( Full Answer )

What are the top 25 busiest airports in the US?

Atlanta, GA (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International) ATL 2 30,407,111 1 41,659,180 1 40,561,055 33.4 -2.6. Chicago, IL (Chicago O'Hare International) ORD 1 30,526,401 2 34,513,840 2 34,538,523 13.1 0.1. Dallas, TX (Dallas/Fort Worth International) DFW 3 26,639,351 3 27,781,723 3 28,333,481 6.4 2 ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten largest islands in the US?

The top 10 largest US islands are: . Hawai'i (Big Island), HI, 4029 sq mi . Kodiak Island, AK, 3588 sq mi . Prince of Wales Island, AK, 2577 sq mi . Chichagof Island, AK, 2080 sq mi . St. Lawrence Island, AK, 1983 sq mi . Admiralty Island, AK, 1684 sq mi . Nunivak Island, AK, 1625 sq mi . ( Full Answer )

Busiest airports in the US?

Hartsfield-Jackson (ATL) claims the Number One Slot. . Chicago's O'Hare (ORD) ranks second. . Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) ranks third. . Los Angeles (LAX) is number four and . Denver (DEN) ranks fifth.

Top 100 Busiest US Airports?

1. Atlanta International Airport (ATL). 2. O'Hare International Airport (ORD). 3. Los Angeles International (LAX). 4. Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW). 5. Denver International (DEN). 6. JFK New York (JFK). 7. McCarran International (LAS). 8. George Bush Intercontinental (IAH). 9. Phoenix Sky Harbor ( ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten safest cities in the US?

Colonie, New York . O'Fallon, Missouri . Ramapo, New York . Mission Viejo, California . Clarkstown, New York . Amherst, New York . Lake Forest, California . Cary, North Carolina . Newton, Massachusetts . Irvine, California

Top ten Busiest airports in India?

1-shivaji international airpot(mumbai) . 2-delhi airport(delhi) . 3-chennai airport(chennai) . 4-kolkata airport (kolkata) . 5-bangalore airport (bangalore) . 6-hyderabad airport (hyderabad) . 7-cochin airport (cochin) . 8-sardar vallabhai patel airport (ahmedabad) . 9-goa airport (goa) . ( Full Answer )

Who are the top ten richest in the US?

RANK . NAME. NET WORTH ($BIL). AGE. RESIDENCE. SOURCE. 1 . William Henry Gates III. 53.0. 50. Medina, WA. Microsoft. 2 . Warren Edward Buffett. 46.0. 76. Omaha, NE. Berkshire Hathaway. 3 . Sheldon Adelson. 20.5. 73. Las Vegas, NV. casinos, hotels. 4 . Lawrence Joseph Elliso ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten drug cities in the US?

1. baltimore 2. baltimore 3. baltimore 4. baltimore 5. baltimore 6. baltimore 7. baltimore 8. baltimore 9. baltimore 10. baltimore If you don't believe me watch "The Wire" on HBO

What are the top ten energy using countries?

Based on Yale University's Environmental Performance Index (EPI) for 2008, which measures factors such as a country's environmental health, air pollution, water resources and productive natural resources, ten countries have once again made it to the top of the charts as the most eco-friendly natio ( Full Answer )

The busiest interstate in us?

I have wondered the same thing too. The two most common answers that I have been able to find are Interstate 80 and Interstate 95. If I would guess, I-95 is probably busier in terms of traffic density, however, since I-80 is much longer, I-80 may carry more traffic overall.

What Top ten universities in the US?

The top 10 universities vary according to the program that they univeristy is offering and the ranking criteria adopted. Even for a single discipline, for e.g business, various agences ranks various schools and assign them different ranks.. I would advise two thngs:. a) please read more about rank ( Full Answer )

Top ten richest men in the US?

In order of richest to poorest. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Larry Ellison, Christy Walton, Sheldon Adelson, Charles Koch, David Koch, Jim Walton, Alice Walton and Robson Walton.

Busiest ambulance in the US?

Brentwood NY does over 6000 ems calls every year which is busier then the busiest city station. 1- Philidelphia PA 9,011 events M8 2- Baltimore City MD 8,063 events M7 3- Chicago IL 7,931 events A10 Yet I am not sure the shifts that number one and two work, but Chicago Medics are on 24 ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten girl names in the US?

Here are the top 10 girl names in the US: . 1. Emily . 2. Sarah . 3. Hannah . 4. Olivia . 5. Mandy . 6. Taylor . 7. Amanda . 8. Shelby . 9. Sally . 10. Lucy

What is the busiest state in the us?

\nBusiest what?\n. \nNew York has the busiest stock exchange.\n. \nFlorida has the busiest funeral directors.\n. \nCalifornia has the busiest movie industry.

What are the top ten newspapers in the us?

Based on circulation they are: USA Today Circulation: 2,281,831 Wall Street Journal Circulation: 2,070,498 New York Times Circulation: 1,121,623 Los Angeles Times Circulation: 907,997 Washington Post Circulation: 740,947 New York Daily News Circulation: 708,773 Chica ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten fashion colleges in the US?

I don't know of ten but I know the number one college for fashion in America is The New York Fashion Institute Of Technology (FIT) and Parsons The New School For Design. Otis College, The School Of The Art Insitute Of Chicago, Pratt and RISD are also good as well.

What are the top ten bilingual jobs in US?

The most common bilingual jobs would be in customer service, particularly with companies and government agencies with toll free customer service lines. Other places were bilingual employment is usually available are hospitals, social service organizations, government agencies in many capacities, hum ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten songs the US?

10. hey baby drop it on the floor, 9. coing home, 8. what's my name, 7. what the hell, 6. we r who we r, 5. the time (dirty bit), 4. tonight (i'm lovin' it), 3. firework, 2. grenade, 1. hold it against me

What is the busiest fire departments in the US?

When it comes to total call volume i believe the FDNY has thehighest amount of calls. But a large amount of these calls aremedical roughly 700,000 of the 1,000,000 alarms. In Detroit thefire department responds to roughly 500,000 fire calls not medicalcalls 200,000 more then FDNY also they respond t ( Full Answer )

Top ten jobs in US?

1 . . Singers. 91.7 . 2 . . Municipal Fire Fighters. 90.0. 3 . . Aircraft Assemblers - Structure, Surfaces, Rigging & Systems. 83.3. 4 . . Pediatricians - General. 80.0. 5 . . College Professors - Communications. 79.2. 6 . . Educational, Vocational & School Counselors. 78.8. 7 . . ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten sports in US?

NFL (National Football League) NBA (National Basketball Association) MLB (Major League Baseball) NCAA football (college football) NCAA basketball (college basketball) NASCAR (stock car racing) WWE (professional wrestling) NHL (National Hockey League) AFL (Arena Football Leagu ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten Dairy states in US?

The top ten dairy producing states in the United States are as follows: California- 40,683 Wisconson-24,080 New York- 12,103 Idaho- 11,549 Pennsylvania- 10,682 Michigan-7,598 Texas-7,379 Washington-5,531 Massachusetts- 255 *numbered in millions of pounds of dairy produced each year

What are the top ten busiest cargo airports in the US?

Memphis International Airport . Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport . Louisville International Airport . Miami International Airport . Los Angeles International Airport . O'Hare International Airport . John F. Kennedy International Airport . Indianapolis International Airport . Newar ( Full Answer )

What are the top ten protestant religions in the US?

The most "popular" protestant religions in the US: 1. Baptist 2. Pentecostal 3. Lutheran 4. Mormon (Latter-Day Saints) 5. Presbyterian 6. Methodist 7. Anglican (Episcopal) 8. Adventist 9. Church of Nazarene 10. Church of the Brethren

Is I-95 the busiest interstate in the US?

I wouldn't be surprised if it were. It probably is. However, the I-405 in the Los Angeles area is very busy 24-7 even at night, so that may also be it. I-80 could be as well, since it goes through many big cities and is long. You may be right or wrong. I don't know.

What is the use of a ambulance?

That depends on what type of ambulance you are talking about. Emergency Ambulance: most common type which provide care to people with an illness or injury. It can be road-going van, boat, helicopter, or fixed-wing aircraft also known as air ambulance. Patient transport ambulance: a vehicle in which ( Full Answer )

Who are the Top Ten Allies of the US?

1. Russia 2. Israel 3. United Kingdom 4. Uzbekistan 5. Turkmenistan 6. Tajikistan 7. Kazakhstan 8. Kyrgyzstan 9. Azerbaijan 10. Turkey

What is the busiest airport of the us?

Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta is the busiest airport in USA in both passengers and aircraft movements. Busiest for cargo tonnage handled is Memphis International, the hub for many cargo and delivery services.

What are the top ten busiest cargo airports in the world?

Hong Kong International Airport, Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong . Memphis International Airport, Memphis, Tennessee, UnitedStates . Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Pudong, Shanghai, China . Incheon International Airport, Incheon, Seoul National CapitalArea, South Korea . Dubai International ( Full Answer )