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Top ten mortality rate in the Philippines?

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We have rice shortage because of our population.

what are the 10 leading causes of mortality and morbility rate in the pilippines latest 2008?

The top ten leading causes of mortality in the Philippines in 2004 were: * diseases of the heart * diseases of the vascular system * malignant neoplasm * accidents * pneumonia * tuberculosis, all forms * ill-defined and unknown causes of mortality * chronic lower respiratory diseases * diabetes mellitus * certain conditions originating in the perinatal period.

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1-9 living in the philippines 10 trying to escape the phillippines...

Some of the top ten agricultural products in the Philippines are corn, coconut, rice, and sugarcane. Other products in the top ten are pineapple, cassava, and banana.

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According to Wikipilipinas, the top 10 leading causes of morbidity and mortality in 2010 were: Heart disease Stroke Cancer Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases Road accidents and injuries Diabetes Dengue fever Maternal deaths Kidney failure Perinatal conditions

Polytechnic University of the Philippines

The top ten major crops of the Philippines are: * sugarcane * palay or rice * coconut * banana * corn * pineapple * cassava * mango * camote or sweet potato * rubber

PHILIPPINES' TRADE PARTNERSThe top ten trade partners of the Philippines are:ChinaJapanUnited States of AmericaSingaporeTaiwanHong KongGermanySouth KoreaSaudi ArabiaMalaysiaNetherlands

The top ten major crops of the Philippines are:sugarcanepalay or ricecoconutbananacornpineapplecassavamangocamote or sweet potatorubber

The ten main causes of death in the Philippines are: heart disease, vascular disease, malignant neoplasm, pneumonia, accidents, tuberculosis, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, and perinatal problems.

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