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According to a Swiss Banking Association Report (2006), "India has more black money than the rest of the world combined." India has stashed almost $1.456 billion in black money in Swiss banks.

Black money is income obtained by illegal activities that is not reported to the government to avoid income taxes.

See the related link for a report from the Times of Bombay.

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Q: Total black money in India
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How much total black money in India?

there are 1,456billion$ black money in India

What is the total black money present in India?


What is the total black money in India WHERE IS?

Kin pa black money ha mereko nam bat

How much Black money in India?

Black money in India is $1,456 billion

How can India develop?

only because of the black money kept in Swiss bank ......... 1500$ billion dollar is The total balance of India in Swiss bank. For more Info plz check out the link-Total black money in India.....And plz try ur level best to spread this thing to as maximum Indians u can..Thanxx....RegardsA Real IndianJAI HIND

How black money stored?

Black money is something used in India. It is what money that is earned on the black market is called. This money is often stored in Swiss banks.

Who is the highest black money holder from India?

there are many black money holders in india or in the whole world.but i also don't knew names of them, sorry.

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Plzz dont think that black money was not in the headline... If you want to over come from that.... I want to be the president of india..... Plz do something for me ............... Than i do for the country........... And i bit..... That black money will be converted into white money............ Than 1rs=5$

How much black money is there in India?

1456 billions

Who are the black money holders in India?

Political Leaders

Who has more black money in India?

Ambani brothers

How mush black money in India?

As mush as you want it to be.

How many black money in India?

in swiss bank there is 1.46 million black money no i means 2.45 millon

How and when can you bring the Indias black money to India?

Political leaders

Who is the person with most black money in India?

Rajeev Gandhi.

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Who have how much black money in Andhrapradesh of India?

YS Jagan

What is cause of growing black money in India? yourself.......

What is use of tortoise in black magic in India?

the use of tortise in india is for getting a lot of money doing black magic on it where the tortoise spills out money from its mouth.... hard to believe but its truee

Is India a LEDC country and why?

india is very rich and the indian government is very big cheater they make money just for themself and therefore there is very high amount black money and i known that black money is wher ?

How do you convert Black money into White Money?

Black money is Total money minus White money. White money is Total money minus Black money. In todays India everyone have lots of Black Money with them. It is common phenomenon that most of the people converts or they want to convert their Black Money into White Money. 1. Black money can be convereted into White money by donations to PM funds, National emergency fund, Forming educational institutions and trusts. 2. Go to a Jeweller and give him the amount of Black money you want to convert it into White money. He would give you a Cheque back for the same amount less 4%. He would give you a Reciept to show that you have Sold Jewellery to him. On the amount of the cheque when you file your returns you will have to pay capital gain tax. The money is White now.

What are the reasons for proliferation of black money in India?

Tax evasion is unfortunately the fuel boosting de black money in Indian economy.

What country has maximum black money in Swiss bank?

India whoelse???

Where is the black money of India?

No one in authority knows, or is able to confiscate it.