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Check all wires for loose or corroded fittings. A loose or corroded connection can work one day and not the next. My first guess would be the wire to the starter solenoid is loose.

2006-08-08 18:49:48
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Why does your smoke detector beep intermittently every 40 seconds?

Intermittent and repeated beeping from a smoke alarm is generally a sign that the battery is in need of replacing.

Your 2000 Chrysler sebring lxi intermittently wont start then later it will What is wrong?

Battery connections, computer, ignition switch, wiring harness connections, any of a dozen engine sensors, fuel pump, fuel pump relay, ignition coil,

What is the cause of intermittent clicking noises when you turn the ignition switch?

if clicking but not starting dead battery if it starts it's one of the many relays that open and close during startup

What could cause intermittent starting problems with a 1991 Mazda Protege?

A bad battery terminal(s) connection, bad ground, bad ignition switch, bad starter.

Why is your Ford Focus 2003 new starter working intermittently?

Fault with new starter motor Fault with immoboliser Fault with ignition switch or wiring Low battery charge Loose terminals battery/starter motor Bad engine earth.

Owner of a 99 corvette The car is stored in basement all winter driven on good days in summer The horn works intermittently anyone have advice before visit to the dealer?

If the horn works intermittently there is an intermittent short in the wiring that goes to the horn from the battery. Trace the wiring back to where its bare or cracked and make a weatherproof splice with waterproof tape.

Honda cr-v automatic power window does not work after battery replacement. How do I reset it?

Answer: set windshield wiper control to lo intermittent. Turn on ignition key. Done.

Why would smoke detectors go off intermittently?

The battery needs to be replaced

Can a corroded battery cause a voltage drop?

Yes, a corroded battery can cause an intermittent voltage drop.

What could cause intermittent starting problems in a Daewoo?

Intermittent starting problems in a Daewoo vehicle might be caused by a number of things. The ignition module is a good place to start. Check for broken or loose wires. Also check the spark plug sensors, the battery, the MAP sensor and the EGR valve.

Any suggestions for causes of intermittent failure to start replaced starter battery ignition switch and the relay?

Check your neutral safety switch on the transmission. It is either loose or out by a hair, that is why it work only some times.

Why the car does not start even though it cranks well Why does this happen intermittently?

there are many things that can cause this problem. bad spark plugs / wires bad alternator ignition problems loose or corroded battery conection incorrect timing

Can a battery be drained by a shorted diode when the ignition key is off?

A battery cannot be drained by a shorted diode when the ignition key is off.

What are the components parts of starting system?

Battery, kickstarter, ignition, ignition coil,

Can a battery from cell phone contribute ignition source?

The battery itself can not, but, as with any battery, the contact of positive & negative contacts can cause a spark which may constitute an ignition source.

Why will your engine not turn over?

- dead battery - starter motor defective - low battery - ignition key problems starter, ignition problems

Why would the remote locks work intermittently on a 2002 Chevy trailblazer?

The battery in the remote needs to be replaced.

What other than battery or cables can cause a 1997 Mark 8 to intermittently completely shut down so the seat does not move the light does not come on and the key doesn't work?

the ignition swtich...(electrical portion behind the key) could be the cause.. dave

Key on fuel pump test runs intermittently?

Note that when you turn on an ignition key, the fuel pump SHOULD only run for a few seconds if the engine doesn't start. The purpose of that is to prevent unnecessary operation of the fuel pump and to avoid draining the battery.

Can leaving a key in the ignition overnight cause the battery to drain?

Yes, IF the ignition SWITCH was left ON. I suggest charging the battery, and then have it tested at Autozone both of which are free.

Clicking sound can be heard when trying to start car but won't turn over?

Dead/disconnected battery or bad starter if it starts intermittently. Probably the battery though.

Location Ignition module on a 2000 voyager?

The engine computer, next to the battery, is the ignition module.

What can cause the turn signals not to work on a 1993 Chrysler LeBaron?

Fuse, flasher, switch, bulbs, wires, ignition not on, dead battery,Fuse, flasher, switch, bulbs, wires, ignition not on, dead battery,

Why No battery light on when ignition turn on?

bulb no good.

Can a bad ignition switch drain the battery?