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Check your neutral safety switch on the transmission. It is either loose or out by a hair, that is why it work only some times.

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Q: Any suggestions for causes of intermittent failure to start replaced starter battery ignition switch and the relay?
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1996 Toyota 4Runner has intermittent ignition problem All electrical will work but car will not start Might start an hour later Does not stall while engine running Recently replaced the battery and it?

the symptoms you describe sound like a starter problem. replace it and your problems will be through!

I replaced the clutch assembly on a 2000 Chevy silverado. Now the truck won't start. Suggestions?

If the starter makes no attempt to crank the engine and you did not disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery during the clutch job, maybe the battery drained from something left on while you had the truck apart (ignition left on, doors left open, etc).

What if your 86 bronco ll will not start evn though you have replaced the battery and ignition coil?

it could be the control module

Have replaced battery and alternator and battery warning light still remains lit on dash Computer has also been reset on a 2002 Jaguar X Series Any suggestions?

no no

What is the cause of intermittent clicking noises when you turn the ignition switch?

if clicking but not starting dead battery if it starts it's one of the many relays that open and close during startup

What could cause intermittent starting problems with a 1991 Mazda Protege?

A bad battery terminal(s) connection, bad ground, bad ignition switch, bad starter.

1993 ford tempo changed the solenoid it started now it does nothing replaced the battery but it acts as tho there is no battery in it any suggestions?

make sure the small wire is hook to the post

Why does the battery warning light come on when the ignition is switched off?

I had this problem on my disco 1. Turned out to be the alternator, which was replaced and the problem was fixed.

Your F150 will not start and will not take a jump the alternator solenoid and battery were replaced is it most likely the starter?

Starter Ignition Neutral switch

I just replaced the started in my 1996 Ford explorer XLT and it still won't turn over Any suggestions?

Seized engine? Loose or corroded battery cable? Bad starter solenoid on inner fender wall? Bad neutral safety switch? Bad ignition switch?

Honda cr-v automatic power window does not work after battery replacement. How do I reset it?

Answer: set windshield wiper control to lo intermittent. Turn on ignition key. Done.

1997 Saturn will not start and you replaced the starter?

check the battery voltage, check battery cables, check ignition switch(where you turn the key), or check the crankshaft position sensor. cheers

My Jeep is hard to start when cold and the battery was replaced today any suggestions what else it could be?

Try an engine heater or an oil heater. These are both inexpensive.

Can a corroded battery cause a voltage drop?

Yes, a corroded battery can cause an intermittent voltage drop.

What could cause intermittent starting problems in a Daewoo?

Intermittent starting problems in a Daewoo vehicle might be caused by a number of things. The ignition module is a good place to start. Check for broken or loose wires. Also check the spark plug sensors, the battery, the MAP sensor and the EGR valve.

When you turn the key on your 1999 Dodge Durango you get nothing Have replaced the starter Battery and wires good What could be the problem?

Sounds like the ignition switch.

You replaced your battery on your 1998 Nissan Maxima and now the car is in locked mode what can you do?

I may be having the same problem. I replaced the battery. The interior lights, siren, horn, radio all work, but the car will not turn-over when the ignition is turned. I am really interested in how to unlock the vehicle.

Key stuck in a 2005 Saturn ION ignition is it the battery?

It's not the Battery, Saturn has a problem with there Ignition cylinders. It will need to be replaced. the Dealer charges about $400.00 but you can do it yourself for about $70.00 in parts. The easiest way for you to do it , is get a Manuel or go to and watch a video. It took me about thirty minutes.

I have replaced the fuel filter in my 2003 ford expedition and it still doesn't start up immediately any suggestions?

Check the starter, spark plugs, distributer cap, battery.

1988 jeep Sahara wont start just replaced the battery last week it will turn over though got a solution?

starter motor or ignition

My 1984 Nissan pickup will not charge the battery. I have replaced the alternator and put in a new battery.?

Check your ignition fuse,its in the fuse box,also,your fusible link could be burnt or melted,its connected to your positive battery cable,if burnt or melted,then its your problem.

What causes the ignition switch to rotate without powering up the ignition system and not starting on a 1984 Chevrolet pickup with tilt steering?

If your battery is fully charged and the connections are clean and tight, the problem is probably that the contacts in the switch are corroded or worn, meaning your ignition switch will have to be replaced.

Your 95 Grand AM died out on you while you were driving it seems to be electrical any suggestions?

Check for loose connection of positive cable at battery, crankshaft position sensor faulty, or ignition module faulty.

1994 Suzuki Swift replaced starter last week.Still sometimes does not start Check battery and replaced battery connections. Can you please help?

Try replacing the spark plugs /wires and distrubuter cap if it doessnt work still you may have a bad ignition coil or fuel problems

Can a battery be drained by a shorted diode when the ignition key is off?

A battery cannot be drained by a shorted diode when the ignition key is off.