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The cost of a tune-up on a 1998 Chevy Astro Van is between $100 and $200 on average. Actual costs vary based on the number of worn components needing replacement.

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What type of transmission does a 1998 Astro van have

the 1998 Chevrolet Astro Minivan is the van that uses gasoline.

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Astro 4WD Base: 29.370$ Astro 4WD LS: 31.895$ Astro 4WD LT: 34.600$

The 1998 Chevrolet Astro Van voltage regulator is part of the alternator. The voltage regulator cannot be individually changed. You will need to change the entire alternator.

On the passenger side in the black box

The cost to replace a 1995 Chevrolet Astro van will vary depending on the labor costs and the part cost. The price for the starter starts at $46.00 dollars.

There is a recall that affected many Astro vans which I believe included the 1998. Call your local Chevrolet dealer and ask about it.

The price for an Astro van rear bearing can vary slightly by retailer. As of 2014, the average price for this part is 95.00.

on right front side of eng compartment

Just northeast of the starter fluid container

Remove the tire and wheel from your 1998 Chevy Astro Van. Remove the brake spring and caliper. The brake pads will come off. Reverse the process to install the new front brakes.

I got 21.5 last weekend driving back highways in WI in a 1998 AWD Astro

pop the cover off that is between the front seats

I just replaced one on my 1992 astro and it was $120 just for the distributor not including the rotor and cap

My 98 astro did this exact thing. I traced it to -believe it or not- the key switch on the rear hatch.

No, the 4L60e from a 2wd 05' Astro van vin X does not fit on a 98' Astro van vin W.

A 1995 safari van transmission does fit into a 1997 astro van

speedometer is not working 91 astro van other instruments are

where is the oxygen sensor in a 2004 astro van

The company that produces the Astro Van is a well known company called Chevrolet. The Astro Van by Chevrolet was first produced in the 1980s, and was quite popular.

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