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A 1998 Chevy Astro has shocks instead of sturts.


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No. Astros have shocks all around.

what are the wires for on the rear hatch door hydraulic pumps

New shocks or struts, new springs, new bushings, and new tires.

Ensure that the engine is cold. Disconnect the wire from the plug. Clean the plug area with an air canister. Turn the plug counterclockwise to remove it. Calculate the proper gap before installing the new spark plug.

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The hatch is held up by gas struts on either side. When it won't stay up the struts most likely have lost their gas pressure and need to be replaced. Pretty Simple Job. You can buy the parts at the dealer or from many sources over the net.

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GTRV at has a pop-top for Chevy Astro vans. They cost about $8-9000.00 installed. Tiger-Provan located in the U.S. who still makes a Chevy Astro with a pop-top roof and does a complete camper conversion. You can often find used Tiger Pro-Vans on and eBay. I have seen a "homemade" Chevy astro pop-top conversion that a couple of guys in Boulder, CO made by installing a used Volkswagon pop-top onto a Chevy astro. Have no idea how this worked out as to leakage etc.

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Answer: About an 80% probability that one or the other of the lifts have failed. Most lifts use a nitrogen-charged system that uses pressure to help lift the door, and are balanced to the weight of the door. Replacement of one or both of these struts are required in order to return the door to proper operation.

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The proper fuel pressure of a 1995 Astro van should be between 55-61 psi. Checking the fuel pressure at home requires a fuel pressure gauge and knowledge of the location of the shader valve on the fuel rail.

P0128 says the engine isn't warming up to proper specs. Start with replacing the thermostat.

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