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Q: Turing points of Spanish American War?
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In what ways was the Spanish American War a turing point in US history?

The US became a recognized world power.

What is a synonym for the spanish American war?

A synonym for the spanish-american war is the american-spanish war. MAKE SURE TO ADD THE heifen or -...

What Colony was involved with the Spanish American War?

Puerto Rico was a Spanish American War battlefield. Cuba was a Spanish American War battlefield. Guam was a bloodless Spanish American War battlefield. The Philippines was a Spanish American War battlefield that became a long and bloody Philippine American War battlefield.

How can you use the word Spanish-American war in a sentence?

I'm glad I finished that chapter on the Spanish-American War before the test.

What was the Philippines response to the Spanish American War?

The Philippine American war was the direct response to the Spanish American War.

What was Cuba's role in the Spanish American War?

It was the primary battlefield of the Spanish American War.

What year did the Spanish American War break out?

the Spanish American War started in 1898

Did Mexico win the Spanish and American War?

The Spanish American War did not involve Mexico.

What was the result of the Spanish-American War in the Philippine Islands?

The Spanish American War ennded and the Philippine American War began.

The US fought the Spanish in what war?

The Spanish American War.

Wounded in the spanish war?

The Spanish Civil War of 1936 or the Spanish-American War of 1898?

How long was the Spanish American war?

The Spanish American War lasted around 4 months

Spanish American war took place in what year?

The Spanish American War was fought in 1898.

Where was the first American Spanish War at?

The first battle of the Spanish American War was at Manila Bay.

What kind of military technology used in the Spanish-American war?

there was no spanish american war.

What was the turning point battle in the Spanish-American War?

There was no turning points in the battle the Americans were ahead all of the time!

The Spanish American War led to?

The Philippine American War.

what was the American and Cuban war?

Spanish American war 1898

About how many Americans died at the Spanish American War?

379 American soldiers died in the Spanish American war!!!!!!!!cm

Why was the war in Philippines less popular with the American people than the Spanish American war had been?

The Spanish-American war was won easily and was inexpensive.

American governor of Philippines during the Spanish American War?

William Howard Taft was the first US Civil Governor of the Philippines, but he got that appointment AFTER the Spanish-American War. There was no American governor f the Philippines during the Spanish-American War because until the war was over the Philippines were a Spanish possession and had a Spanish governor.

How many Americans died in the Spanish American war?

379 Americans have died in the spanish American war.

What year did the Spanish American War take place in?

The Spanish American War took place in 1898.

What were the terms of the treaty that ended the Spanish American War?

The Treaty of Paris ended the Spanish-American War.

What started the spanish american war-?

The Spanish American war was started due to the attack of the USS Maine.