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Q: Two devices that would be used in a smart house?
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What are two devices that would be used by a smart house?

Computer and telephone.

Name 2 devices that would be used in a smart house?

stove and freezer

What two devices would be used in a smart house?

motion sensors and voice activated doors

Name two devices that would be used in smart house?

voice activation and motion sensors

2 devices that would be used in a smart house?

voice activated doors and curtains and showers

What are two devices that would be used in a smart house?

Motion Sensors Cameras Intercoms Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Solutions

How smart phone used?

black berry devices

What poetic devices are used in the poem smart by Shel Silverstein?

What type of poetic device are in smart by shel Silverstein

What kind of devices are used for house arrest?

Ankle Bracelets, Automated Calling

When did smart house technology begin?

"Smart house technology" is a general catch-all phrase used to refer broadly to home automation devices, or devices that cause your home's lighting, climate control, doors, windows, et cetera, to respond appropriately to your voice commands or movements. Interestingly, while today's manufacturers struggle to realize the dream of having doors open for you without having to touch the doorknob, or to be able to request a song aloud to no one in particular in a Picardesque manner, only to have it play moments later, the fact is that smart house technology was perfected back in the haze of prehistory, with slaves.

Information system input devices?

Input devices transfer data to an information system and the system processes the data. There are manual input devices and direct data entry devices that are used. Manual devices include keyboards and scanners. Direct data entry devices include smart cards and optical mark recognition.

What were the literary devices used in The House on Mango Street?

hyperboles, similes, metaphors, and personifications.

Which input and output devices will people use in the next one to three years?

In the next few years the most prevalent input and output devices used by people will be the smart phone and tablets. It is expected that over 1 billion smart phones will be sold in the next three years.

Are Jack Russell terriers smart?

Yes, they are extremely smart, but stubborn. I would say they are because they were used to hunt animals because they were smart.

What is the definition of communications devices?

Communication devices are devices that can be used for communication. Communication devices are devices that can be used for communication.

What is NT Box?

It is an ISDN Network Termination device. ...or... It is a rack used to house network devices.

What literary devices are used in this passageThe House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne.?

ONly a metaphore

Do ultrasound devices cause cancer?

No, these devices do not cause cancer or they would not be used in hospitals. They can detect cancer and are also used on pregnancy so they do not cause cancer!

Camera used in satellite's?

These would be charged coupled devices, or CCDs.

How do screws make life easier?

They are used to build many devices and structures. The car you drive, the house you live in, and the furniture in your house probably all have screws in them.

What type of devices would a voltage converter be used for?

Any type of device that would need to be converted from AC to DC power would use a voltage converter. Devices such as televisions, monitors, and other electronic devices could use a voltage converter.

What input devices are used on a smartphone?

Most smart phones will be touch screen, the touch screen would be and input AND output device at the same time, the keypad if you have one on your phone would be an input device. basically anything you can enter on your phone, and get it to do something on screen would be an input device.

What are Biometric devices used for?

The biometric devices are used for security measures.

Which element is used in safety devices?

Indium is used in safety devices.

Would you let your 16 year old daughter sleep over her boyfriends house if you knew they loved each other and used condoms and the pill?

sure why not t least they are being smart